7 Signs a Man Has a Crush on You

To understand how a man feels about you, you do not need to ask him point blank or play a guessing game. Just look at his posture. No matter what a person says, gestures can say much more about his true intentions.


Therefore, we have chosen men’s most eloquent gestures dating back to ancient instincts. They will let you know that he cares for you.

1. He flattens or ruffles his hair


Typically, men try to look more confident this way. After seeing an attractive person, we instinctively perk, for example, adjusting our hair. By the way, this also applies to women.

2. He keeps his hands in the hip area


If a man keeps his hands in the hip area – puts them in his pockets or touches his belt – it is the clearest demonstration of strength. Exactly like sitting with his legs wide apart.

3. He tries to occupy as much space as possible


Many male beasts, when fighting for a female, swell, bristle or ruffle their feathers. All this in order to look larger. When a man thrusts out his chest at the sight of a woman, he demonstrates the ancient instinct.

4. Open posture


When communicating we subconsciously adopt an open posture towards someone who appeals to us. Also, pay attention to shoes socks. People turn them towards the person with whom they would like to talk, even without realizing it.

5. Eloquence


Pay attention whether or not a man becomes more talkative when you get into his field of vision. It tells that he would like to impress you.

6. Posture mirroring


Pay attention whether or not he mirrors, at least partially, the postures you take. This means that he is trying to understand you and find something in common, and his subconscious signals to the body.

7. Excited facial expression


If a man likes you, his face takes on a friendly and open expression. His gaze becomes soft and concerned, and, if he is a little worried, he can blush.

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