6 Things to Know about Male Cheaters

What makes a man cheat? There are 6 excuses guys use to explain that.

Many men are falsely sure they won’t ever cheat


Upon discussing the subject of being unfaithful to one’s partner thoroughly, a number of men who considered themselves to be honorable and reliable partners came to realize they could be tempted into cheating.

They think the woman who’s with them currently is not the right one


The most popular men’s excuse for being unfaithful is that they came to the conclusion that their current woman was not the best one for them, and they would split in a short time. So, cheating begins to look as if the man was really on the verge of moving on. Of course, this is a poor excuse. First, many men were to regret that later; second, why spoil the relationship before you actually end it? It’s not logical.

They can fall for a different kind of beauty


Quite a number of times men confessed to cheating with someone who seemed gorgeous to them, but in a different way than their current partner: hair color, breasts, height, legs – all of these could be beautifully different and the men seem eager to give a try to a kind of beauty they don’t have. That didn’t mean they no longer found their spouses appealing, no; it’s just that they wanted a change, a different feel.

They don’t want it to be known


Most cheaters confessed they preferred to keep mum about it. Even their close friends didn’t get wind of their affairs on the side. They didn’t want other people to think bad of them and denounce them as womanizers. Furthermore, quite a lot of men were handed a temptation they didn’t find it in themselves to resist; they regard it as weakness on their part, which is all the more the reason to keep the affair under their hats.

They won’t move on to the one they cheated with


Consider it a kind of law. It will always happen that the man will move away from the woman whom he cheated with because he was not interested in her as a person but as an erotic fantasy. Some men admitted they met the women a few times after that only to find that they didn’t like her so much after all.

There are various ways of cheating


It may sound funny, but not all men understand cheating in the same way. There are men who never hook up with another woman when they have got a partner, but they are not above cheating emotionally. They have a female friend or a co-worker they give more consideration and time to than they do to their partner, and eventually find out that the partner have faded away to the position of “another woman” in their lives. This attitude allows men to go back to their main relationship if they want to by sliding gradually out of the other liaison. It is much easier to do if they haven’t actually bedded their female friend, and when it is over and men are safely back with their partners, they don’t term it as cheating.


Being unfaithful to one’s spouse is something that is – the long and the short of it – inexcusable. Yet men are not infallible, they try to conceal their affairs and avoid confrontation. It’s vain to believe we can stop cheating easily; also, you can be sure there’s more unfaithfulness going on than we know. But one thing is clear: there is less open-hearted talking going on than there should be. Intercommunication of wishes, hopes and misgivings. A possibility of your spouse abusing your trust shouldn’t be counted out, yet being always open-hearted with one another is a strong point in the favor of any union.

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