17 Smart Beauty Tricks for Women

Makeup is not an easy task. Every woman knows it. In our new review, we will focus on how to properly and efficiently add some beauty and style to your image.

1. A beautiful curl


Eyelash curlers are a unique invention that allows the owners of long lashes to make the eyes look wide open. However, not many people know that in order to achieve a really stunning effect, the curlers should be heated beforehand. This can be done with hot water or a hair dryer, but do not overheat them as you can cause serious damage to the eyelids.

2. Shampoo alternative


Most shampoos, despite their high cost, affect the appearance and condition of the hair adversely. But each family has an ingredient in the kitchen, which can make an excellent alternative to shampoo. This is baking soda. Add 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water and apply the liquid on your head with massage movements, rinse it with water and apply a balm. Soda solution perfectly cleanses the scalp, softens the hair, gives shine and volume and reduces hair loss.

3. A perfect pencil contour


Many girls are familiar with the problem when the ideal line drawn with a pencil on the lower lid is spread after just a few hours, especially in the hot season. Powder will help you cope with such trouble. After you apply makeup on the eyes, add a thin layer of powder directly under the pencil line on the lower eyelid.

4. Crumbled eyeshadows


Before using dark or bright shades, generously cover the skin under the lower eyelid with crumbly powder. After you finish eye makeup, use a fan brush or a usual broad brush to remove powder with particles of crumbled shadows. This trick will protect makeup from crumbled shadows.

5. Peeling


The usual lip balm will help soften the peeling skin of the nose. Apply it on the problem areas before using makeup and repeat the procedure throughout the day.

6. Redness


Many people are familiar with the situation when pimples and inflammations appear on the skin before an important meeting or event. Eye drops or nose drops will be an emergency helper in such a situation, as their composition contains the substances narrowing the blood vessels. Apply a drop of the selected product, and redness will disappear from the problem area within a few minutes, and the pimple will reduce in size.

7. Bronzer


Bronzer is a magical tool that allows you to significantly improve the skin color and get the correct shape of the face. However, every girl should know that bronzer is not face powder. It can be applied only on the protruding areas of the face: the outer edge of the forehead, temples, cheekbones and the chin.


8. A fresh look


Despite the abundance of various products developed for the skin around the eyes, many doctors and beauticians believe that teabags remain the most affordable, effective and safe solution. Place a couple of teabags of green tea in boiling water, let them cool down and put them on your eyes. After ten minutes, remove the teabags and evaluate the result.

9. Alternative use of mascara


Ladies with dark hair should remember: mascara will help mask the suddenly discovered gray or badly dyed strand.

10. Makeup remover


If there is no makeup remover at hand, you can replace it with moisturizing cream or natural oil.

11. Nail cleaning


You can clean your nails effectively and get rid of yellow plaque on the nail plate with the help of toothpaste. Put a little toothpaste on the brush of medium hardness and carefully rub the surface of each nail.

12. Full lips

Most girls dream about seductive full lips. Today, there is a huge number of cosmetic products and accessories that can help achieve the desired result. But the most affordable and safest remedy is peppermint oil. This substance improves blood circulation, thus creating the effect of natural swelling. The lip color becomes brighter and more expressive.

13. How to put your hair in a bun


Hairstyles with buns are trendy this season. However, these hairstyles look pretty sad if you have fine thin hair. A lush fashionable lock of hair can be created with the help of a usual sock, twisted into a tight roll.

14. Eye makeup


Use adhesive tape to create a clear border of shadows and draw an ideal line. A small strip of adhesive tape, attached at the desired angle at the outer corner of the eye, will help you apply makeup symmetrically and save a lot of time.

15. Highlighting


Use white eyeshadows or highlighter to make the eyes clear and expressive. Apply highlighter to the inner corner of the eye, in the center of the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow and blend it a little.

16. An open look


Refresh and make the look more open with the help of concealer or highlighter. Apply the selected product from the edge of the eyebrow to its bend and gently blend it with your fingers.

17. Lip makeup


The accents you make with the help of makeup will help you emphasize the shape of the lips or change it favorably. Accentuate the dimple above the upper lip with highlighter and apply a little bronzer or brown shadows under the lower lip.

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