7 Steps to Getting Perfect Brows

Eyes are the mirror of our souls. But today, each user of Instagram will say with confidence that the girl’s appearance begins with … eyebrows. Look at any young lady in the social networks, in the street or in the underground: her makeup can be minimal, but the underlined (and sometimes clearly painted) eyebrows will be visible at a distance of ten meters. Everyone wants to be trendy. However, before running to the salon or trying to be “fashionable” and transforming your face, you should learn 7 simple rules that will help to do it right and feel no regret. Hollywood makeup artists recommend them!


Everyone wants to be trendy. However, before running to the salon or trying to be “fashionable” and transforming your face, you should learn 7 simple rules that will help to do it right and feel no regret. Hollywood makeup artists recommend them!


Well-groomed and underlined eyebrows are so popular now that all Hollywood stars ask their makeup artists for a special eyebrow service. Ramy Gafni, the eyebrow magician of Taylor Swift and Halle Berry and the founder of her own line of cosmetics, kindly reminds the girls of the 7 simple rules that will allow to grow ideal eyebrows.

Rule 1: Back to the basics


The basic rule, which the magical transformation of your eyebrows will start with, sounds discouraging to many. After all, the first thing that a star makeup artist says even to the most eminent of clients is to put tweezers away and not to think about plucking eyebrows… for three months! On average, that is the time needed for the brows to completely restore their natural condition. Next, your eyebrows should be looked after by a specialist. Otherwise the result of any, even the most expensive, procedure will look far from being natural.

Rule 2: Less perfectionism


No matter how perfect ‘the makeup from Instagram” looks like, Ramy is sure that the girls with beautiful and natural brows will never be dissatisfied. Do not examine your eyebrows in the mirror every day to pluck every unwanted hair. Naturalness is now demonstrated even by models on the catwalk. Minimal negligence or slight imperfection is what you need for you and your eyebrows.

Rule 3: This is hair, after all!


Facial hair and your hairstyle have more in common than you think. You should take care of the eyebrows as carefully as you look after the hair. It’s not only adjusting them tirelessly and shaping them in a desirable way. Ramy advises the girls to comb the eyebrows with a special brush every day: it will help them get rid of dead skin cells, preventing the growth of new hairs, and enhance blood circulation, which will accelerate their growth. It is also necessary to wet them at least once a week. To do this, makeup artists recommend using coconut oil or hair conditioner: apply it for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Rule 4: Do not try to cheat nature


Nature is smarter than any well-educated specialist. The shape of your eyebrows is not accidental: it reflects the muscle and even bone structure of your face. No matter how tempting and even “trendy” eyebrows look like, you cannot change their shape radically with a razor or apply a lot of makeup. It is better to address an experienced specialist with a request to slightly correct the eyebrows and bring your natural lines in order. At least you will not look like one of numerous clones.

Rule 5: Nutrition


External application of oils and conditioners is not enough. Do you want to grow your eyebrows faster? Pay attention to multivitamin complexes with biotin and zinc in the formula. It will bring benefit not only to the eyebrows, but your hair, skin and nails as well. Do not forget to include more proteins in your diet.

Rule 6: Nothing is permanent


Several years ago, permanent makeup or eyebrow tattooing were the dream of many fashionistas. Ask any of them today, in the era of wide, thick and natural eyebrows, if they would repeat the same procedure. In most cases, the answer will be negative. Fashion changes, but the tattoo pigment or traces of microblading, which is trendy nowadays, will remain for years. Do you really need it?

Rule 7: Emphasize your strong points


Ramy reminds that makeup is our ally, not a trend necessity. Do not spend your morning on the eyebrows. Limit your daily makeup to the most necessary universal products. For example, use staining gel for the eyebrows. This product is gaining popularity and will make the eyebrows a little brighter, filling the gaps between the hairs. Women with wide and thick natural brows will only need a transparent gel.

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