5 Weird Beauty Standards from Around the World

We say one person is beautiful, and another one is not. Why so? What makes one attractive, and why others do not fit into our standards of beauty? Fashion? Natural appeal? Maybe. But there are some other features that make you more beautiful than others. And they are often determined by the country, in which you were lucky to be born.

Below are a few examples of how individual nations of the world see a beautiful person.

1. Crooked front teeth – Japan


Yaeba is a trend in Japan, which means giving the person teenager appearance. This explains the fashion for crooked front teeth, like in adolescents. In Japan, people with such teeth are considered to be attractive.

2. Ear lobes stretching – Africa


In Africa, there is a tradition to wear large decorations, stones, and jewelry on ear lobes. They can stay there for many years. As a result – ears are stretched to unimaginable proportions, which is a sign of beauty, and such a person is more revered in the tribe.

3. V-shaped jaw – South Korea


Korea is the world leader in the number of plastic surgeries per capita. Here, every fifth woman has resorted to such operations. And all in order to make a small face, large eyes and a sharp chin – as in Asian anime and K-pop music. Such women are considered to be the most attractive in South Korea.

4. Lip plates – Africa


Following point 2, let us go back to Africa, where stretched lips are also considered beautiful. Starting from the age of puberty, girls insert clay or wooden plates into their lips. Subsequently, they are replaced by larger ones and are hardly ever taken out again. This is done to make a woman more attractive and desirable.

5. Big tight buttocks – North America


This trend began, of course, in the US, when some new Latin, Afro-American, and other southern pop stars appeared on stage. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian were kind of pioneers in this direction; then, Beyonce and other performers supported the new fashion. Today, it is one of the world’s most respected standards of beauty and sexuality.

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