6 Best Beauty Tricks for Busy Women

Deadlines, time pressure, and force majeure are our eternal companions in life, interfering with our intention to recover fresh appearance in the morning. You need not tell anyone that you have suffered another sleepless night – your eyes will tell this. To avoid such a treacherous betrayal, we suggest practicing a few proven beauty techniques.

1. Highlighter for eye corners

Shadows at the inner corners of the eye near the nose are the first to attract attention, if you are tired. The problem is solved by a highlighter applied to the problem area. A small amount of highlighter will “retouch” the unwanted shadow: reflecting light, the highlighter visually enhances the eyes and helps them look radiant.


A small amount of highlighter will “retouch” the unwanted shadow: reflecting light, the highlighter visually enhances the eyes and helps them look radiant.

2. White liner for the inner eyelid

Flesh or white eyeliner is the perfect remedy for the eyes reddened from fatigue. Use the liner directly on the inner eyelid. This will not only hide redness, but will also make the whites of the eyes brighter. For special occasions, you can use a white or nude eyeliner with a shimmering effect.

3. Saying “yes” to blue shadows and pencils

To achieve a radiant look, you can use blue and dark blue eyeshadows. These colors do an excellent job with the dull and yellowish skin around the eyes.


No wonder that many of our today’s products for correcting the “earthy” (urban) skin tone contain blue pigments. If you are not a fan of blue or dark blue shadows – using a blue liner would be enough.

4. Color correctors

These wonderful products migrated to our beautician bags from fashion and theater backstage not so long ago. If you still avoid concealers and tone correctors that are different from your own skin tone, it is time to pay attention to them. Lavender corrector neutralizes yellow spots and bruises on the skin. Yellow correctors solve the problem of purple under-eye circles.


Redness will be perfectly treated with the green tone. Blue defects are neutralized by apricot and orange colors. Greenish spots will be concealed with the help of a pink corrector. If the defect you want to mask is of an uncertain color, you can use a mix of several correctors.

5. Concealer for the triangular area under the lower eyelid

The simplest and most reliable means to remove the signs of fatigue and lack of sleep from the face is to use a concealer. But you should select it carefully and specifically for the skin you have (both its color and being dry/fat should be taken into account). Products matching the color of your skin perfectly well work miracles. Instead of applying the concealer only on the lower eyelid, use it on the triangular area under the eyes (apply the product with a brush and gently “tap” it with your fingertips to retouch the edges). This will give your face a fresh appearance as though there has been no lack of sleep.

6. “Cat-eye” lines

Lines in the style of “a cat’s eye” are a fashionable and very useful beauty trick this season. Expressive “cat-eye” lines visually broaden the look. If you are not going to resort to this trick boldly, it will be enough to draw a small line on the upper eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes. The problem of curved lines can be solved with the help of markers and pencils serving as eyeliners. Flaws are easily removed with a concealer (as mentioned above).

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