8 Habits of Fashionistas

Stylish and well-groomed appearance is a result of daily work. While some people are envious of their fashionista friends, others begin to develop good habits. These nine basic rules will help women to always look fashionable and stylish.

1. Stylish girls always prepare clothes for the next day in the evening


To look perfect tomorrow, you should consider your image tonight. This habit will eliminate the morning bustle of looking for the best clothing, changing clothes and eventually being late. Of course, in this case it is necessary to take into account the weather forecast for the next day.

2. Stylish girls always choose the right underwear


Correctly chosen underwear is the foundation of any successful image because it forms the silhouette and emphasizes the figure.

3. Stylish girls always dress in accordance with the weather


Of course, to look good and feel comfortable, women should dress according to the weather outside.

4. Stylish girls always wear the clothes that suit them


When selecting clothing, you should take into account your type of figure, lifestyle and appearance.

5. Stylish girls skillfully complement plain clothes with bright details


High-quality accessories can help transform even jeans and a T-shirt into a chic outfit. This can be a scarf or a leather strap, massive earrings or a bracelet, a branded bag or a hat. However, you should not accumulate a lot of bright details, otherwise the image will be overloaded.

6. Stylish girls always change clothes when they come home


Returning home, you need to immediately change clothes for them not to get wrinkled and to remain fresh longer.

7. Stylish girls are always ready for emergencies


A needle and thread, a pair of pins and plaster are the things that must be kept in a woman’s handbag in case a button suddenly comes off, a zipper breaks or new shoes hurt.

8. Fashion girls always remain true to their own style


Stylish women always know what is right for them, and what clothes they look most attractive in. If an item does not suit them, they will not wear it, even if it is the most fashionable trend. They never follow trends blindly, so they always have something to wear.

9. Stylish girls always know when they should give preference to high or low heels


In some situations, high heels look ridiculous, and flat shoes are plain. You should select shoes according to the event and time of the day.

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