10 Female Beauty Tricks Men Secretly Hate

Many women want to know what men like because it is the only way to bedazzle them using the right weapon. You can find many articles on this topic in the Internet, but what about men’s dislikes? It is not enough to know what men like, it is important to know what repels them! Though it may not be true for all men, but still you need to know the 10 things that most of them consider unattractive.

1. Extreme hairstyles


Undoubtedly, the man will appreciate your individuality and the desire to stand out from the crowd, but this does not mean that he will want to take you out on a date. Most men prefer long natural hair in women. Yes, there are those who like short stylish haircuts, but you should not go to extremes when experimenting! Dreadlocks and various braided hairstyles will not find so many fans.

2. Too heavy makeup


Everyone knows that makeup is meant to hide flaws. Men are not against it, but when they see a girl with three layers of makeup on her face, that’s another thing! This way, a woman loses her natural look, and men hate it.

3. Sticky eyelashes


This point is also about makeup, only this time – about mascara. Men don’t like it when women use too much mascara because it makes lashes look unnatural – and it creates a very cheap overall image.

4. Too much glitter


If you are no makeup artist, you’d better use matte eyeshadows. They will help you to create discreet eye makeup, which is impossible when you use glittering eyeshadows. If you are not very good at makeup, such eye shadows will roll in the corners of the eyes, which will make you look completely unattractive.

5. Yellow teeth and bad breath


This problem concerns not only women but men, as well. And yet, if you have yellow teeth, you should give up cigarettes, coffee, and red wine. Start brushing your teeth more often and use dental floss. Consider buying a spray for fresh breath, as well.

6. Neglecting hygiene


This is perhaps the most important thing. Every man likes when his woman smells good, when she has manicured nails, smooth legs, and clean clothes on. Take care of yourself — it’s that simple!

7. Dry or oily skin


Unfortunately for women, men do notice it. Not everyone, of course, but many will still pay attention to cracked heels and excessively oily skin. Don’t forget that.

8. Applying makeup in public areas


Some men find it really repelling because they see this as a trick, not as a simple intention to smarten up. If you want to make an unforgettable impression, apply makeup and do your hair at home, and then feel free to throw disarming glances at men in public places!

9. Dark lips


Lipstick is an effective and dangerous women’s weapon. It can instantly give the right accent to your image, but it can also mess it up. Firstly, always use a lip pencil that will match the color of your lipstick (you can choose a slightly darker shade). Secondly, if you’re using a dark shade, make sure that it does not linger on your teeth!

10. Too much perfume


Nobody likes inhaling a lethal dose of your perfume, sorry. No matter if it is expensive or cheap, you still have to use it in moderation (on the neck, behind the ears or on the wrists). No need to shower perfume on yourself!

As you can see, these are fairly simple and obvious taboos, which one should always remember. A woman should try to be perfect for herself, not for someone! If she feels well-groomed, stylish and beautiful, men will feel the same!

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