7 Reasons to Wash Your Hair the Classic Way

The fashion for dry shampoos and second-day hairstyling makes the girls wonder: how often should we wash our hair? This question is especially important for the owners of greasy hair – in winter, their hair looks stale under the hat on the second day. The experts are unanimous answering the question “to wash or not to wash?” They insist that frequent cleaning is useful for our hair and scalp.

  1. Sebum, the secrete produced by our skin daily, will accumulate in case of insufficient or rare cleansing. Coupled with the styling and skincare products, this can lead to dandruff, slow growth and hair loss. Besides, modern ecology is another factor that affects the condition of hair.
  2. One should not be afraid of contemporary daily shampoos: they have a non-aggressive composition, so they do not dry the scalp and clean it delicately. Trichologists advise the people who wash their hair once in 2-3 days to apply shampoo twice and on well-moistened hair. It is recommended to wash hair with massaging movements using fingertips: it not only accelerates the blood flow, but also allows to clean the dirt from the hair roots more thoroughly.
  3. Hair should be washed as often as required. However, people with thin hair and dry scalp disregard this rule for fear of brittle hair and skin tightness. This is a big misconception. The only restriction for this type of hair is water temperature, which should not be too hot. The best solution is a contrast shower: temperature variations enhance the blood flow in the upper layers of the epidermis, which harmonizes all the processes of growth and regeneration in the scalp. It is also recommended to rinse hair with cold water; it helps to seal the scales of split hair ends, strengthen the roots if they are weakened, and help the hair regain its healthy shine.
  4. Washing hair with the right shampoo is the foundation of any styling. Thin hair should be washed with a shampoo that adds root volume, while thick hair requires enhanced moisturizing to become more silky and obedient before styling. If you use dry shampoo, the hairstyle will not last even an hour, not to mention the fact that the appearance will not be well-groomed.
  5. The health of the hair depends on the roots. Firstly, roots can nourish the hair, which is obvious. Secondly, hair washing can reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the hair follicles, which affects the thinning of hair in women. In addition, the epidermis of the scalp is renewed approximately every 28 days, so, when cleaned insufficiently, the skin will not get rid of the stratum corneum, preventing the growth of new hair.
  6. Women avoid regular shampooing, being scared by the amount of lost hair in the bathtub drain. In fact, a person can lose up to 100 hairs a day, which is absolutely normal because as many hairs grow in their place. But the less often we wash hair, the more hairs we lose at a time.
  7. Regular shampooing strengthens the hair, making it less brittle. In winter, when hair is subjected to aggressive factors outdoors and at home (heating can be mentioned here), this is particularly important. Oils can be helpful during the cold season: add a few drops of oil into your shampoo, and you will make the hair stronger and shinier.

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