8 Bad Reasons to Get Married

A short time after starting a relationship, most women can already articulate for themselves if they find their new boyfriend good enough, and whether they are ready to connect their life with him. Still, women are often guided by doubtful “selection criteria” when thinking about their future spouse. Womendialogue.com has decided to compile a list of 8 reasons why you must not get married with your boyfriend.

Attractive Appearance


Yes, of course, it is sometimes difficult to resist the animal attraction, especially if your companion is a tall handsome man, as if from the pages of a glossy magazine (especially since sports has become popular among men in recent years). Saying “yes” to such a man, you see a picture in him, a man with a wonderful set of genes, needed to give birth to beautiful, healthy children. You must decide if your relationship has something different from just admiration for his handsome shell. Do you often speak sincerely? Does he share your preferences concerning the choice of movies to watch together? If not, then most likely, you will understand in a couple of years that your companion does not seem attractive and can hardly be an interesting interlocutor.

Your Nearest Insist the Time Has Come


It is a big mistake when you agree to get married with a man just because “it’s time.” You are thirty, and the people around you claim that you may not have the second chance. Believe it or not – he, who is searching, will always find. To live under one roof with the unloved man and give birth to children with him is not the happiest perspective.

You Are Afraid to Stay Alone


You can feel lonely even after you get married. After all, your husband is unlikely to save you from internal problems. Remember one simple thing: your happiness is only your concern. Therefore, if you strive to become a self-sufficient person, you will hardly ever experience the feeling of loneliness, even if you don’t have a beloved man. By the way, it is worth remembering one more axiom: once you become interested in yourself, you will immediately become interesting to others.

Your Friends Really Like Your Partner


It is a common problem, when a woman falls in love with a man because the people around her like him. But do not listen to the opinion of your colleagues and friends because only you know what this man really is and if you can live with his shortcomings. Perhaps your potential spouse has incredible charisma, but it is not enough for a happy family life. Other qualities are also needed, such as the desire to take responsibility for the partner.

Getting under the Former Lover’s Skin


Even the most pragmatic person can feel unsettled after the relationship fails. But do not hurry up and immediately look for a replacement. Moreover, do not try to use marriage to demonstrate your ex-lover what a treasure he has lost. You will not be able to build a happy family on this strong motivation. In addition, you are not likely to produce the needed effect on your former partner by sharing the news of the impending wedding.

You Want To Escape From Parents


The desire to start a life of your own and finally escape from the parental nest is another reason that can urge a woman to marry an unloved man. Ask yourself this question: do you really need to marry or you just want to move out? Maybe, it would be more rational to think about how to change the current situation without getting a marriage certificate.

You Have Great Sex


During the first stage of a relationship, many problems can indeed be easily solved in bed. But what will you do after you get married with this man and live a few years of marriage together, when the intimate side of life will no longer play such an important role? You will realize that you fail to understand each other and do not even hear each other.

You Feel Sorry for Your Potential Husband


“He’ll be lost without me!” If you have pronounced this phrase at least once in relation to your future spouse, you definitely need to think twice before getting married. Judge for yourselves: is it OK that a girl begins to burden herself with the problems adult men should solve? Are you ready to solve these problems for the rest of your life? Dependent relationships never lead to a good outcome.

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