Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Many people in love are waiting for this moment with their heart leaping. The first night in a common house, the first breakfast, cooked together, the first joint visits to a supermarket. The couple, just starting to live together, finds every household detail important; every common chore seems the most precious time. It is important to preserve this feeling for a long time. Today let’s talk about the main rules of how to begin living together.

Personal space


No matter how silly the idea of personal space and blissful moments of relaxation from each other may seem at the beginning, think of the ways for each of you to have your own quiet getaway since the first days of living together. We must admit that we all have our quirks and bad habits, and so it is very important to immediately define your personal boundaries. Many psychologists call it the key to a long and strong relationship.

Concession is inevitable


He wants to place a ping-pong table in the living-room, and you need an expensive cashmere blanket on the bed. The first days and weeks of life together inevitably require concessions in everyday trifles. Again, the ability to find the right way to agreement will determine the near future of your relationship.

Sharing chores


Living together inevitably blinds romance with a veil of pressing problems and household trifles, which occupy a half of your day time. It is believed that the sooner the couple defines the responsibilities of each other at home during the first days of living together, the easier it will be to cope with these things and certainly not let them interfere with the relationship.

Some girls inevitably fall into the naive rage, when moving into their partner’s apartment that they are willing to do the cleaning, washing, cooking, and even taking out the trash. They keep doing this until they realize one day this is the only thing they are involved in from morning till night, while their beloved man is lying on the couch and relaxing. That is why it is important to at once determine the household chores for each spouse, find their own sphere of responsibility and a clear understanding of each other’s roles.

Speak on equal terms


The main rule while beginning to live together is to talk openly about everything, including one’s own insecurity and dissatisfaction, even when it comes to household trifles. Honesty and openness in the relationship is the salvation from reticence and discord. It is very important from the beginning to never have doubt in yourself and the partner, never be afraid to admit your weaknesses and shortcomings, never grudge and always share what’s on your mind. Speaking on equal terms leads to mutual respect, which lays the foundation for a strong relationship that will last for many years.


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