5 Reasons to Break up with a Guy Now

How many times we said that we had known right from the start that the relationship was doomed? At some moment it becomes clear that you can’t go on with this person, and you begin to remember incidents that kept irking you – actually sending you red signals of the coming disappointment. Many of these are very personal, but some are pretty well universal. See if you know all these signs purporting that things bode badly for your future together.

Opposites don’t come together


You find out practically at once that your lifestyles don’t gel – one of you can’t wait to get out of home and go away to new places toward fresh experiences, the other would rather stay at home and invent something to make this stay more comfy. Those who want to shut themselves in and those who prefer to go out will go on arguing about spending time together and are highly unlikely to ever halt.

He sticks to you like glue


It may look so romantic that he should want to never leave you from the start, but take a look at it from a different viewpoint: hasn’t he got things in his life he would like to follow up on? Is he behaving as if you mustn’t have any life that doesn’t include him? Does he want to replace your friends and control your pastime? These are not good signs.

You have more drive than he


Or, putting it simple, he tends to be lazy. If you hope that he will sprout energy and enterprise once he has landed a job he likes or has been promoted, don’t put money on it. It seems he just isn’t up to your drive level, and he will always be inclined to lag behind, even if he knows that it is going to give you the needle. The greater the difference between your activity levels, the higher the possibility of it all mounting to a ravaging split-up.

His words are empty


You are so important to him, you have changed his life so completely that he can’t imagine his life without you. Maybe that’s true… for sunny days. But when you need help or support, it turns out he’s devilishly busy or even gets magically whisked away. That means he learned the art of sweet talking, but his other skills as a succoring knight are noticeably absent. What is there in him then that couldn’t be replaced by the radio?

It all seems perfect


As your relationship is progressing, your chemistry is going nowhere. You can’t blame him, he remains the same sweet guy as ever, he is getting on fine with his career, you like his friends and he likes yours… But there’s no spark to ignite the fire, so you are heading for a dead end.

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