Top 10 Foods for Growing Long Healthy Hair

Humanity has seen all the canons of beauty throughout its history. Almost every decade puts forward its own demands to women’s (and men’s) appearance. And hairstyle in particular. Short boyish haircuts, daring “bob” and crazy curls in the disco style used to be fashionable. But long and healthy hair has always remained a symbol of female attractiveness. Even today some religions appeal to women to hide their hair not to provoke men’s sinful thoughts. But it’s not about them. It is about the fact that luxurious hair starts with proper nutrition. Are you planning to grow long thick hair? Be patient and get the products from this list.

Smart people say that beauty starts inside you. They mean not only our deep inner world but also our health. Besides, much depends on what we are eating. After all, some foods can affect the appearance much more seriously than expensive creams, serums, and shampoos. So before buying a ton of expensive cosmetics for hair growth, be sure to include some foods from this list in the diet. Moreover, some of these products are intended for intake and for external use.

1. Avocado


A good reason to please yourself with an avocado salad is more than 25 vital nutrients and a great dose of vitamins E and B that are so necessary for beautiful skin and hair. Moreover, this amazing fruit can replace expensive conditioners or masks. All you need is to apply avocado pulp to the wet hair and scalp, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Great nourishing and oil saturation are guaranteed to your curls!

2. Legumes


Beans are almost magical. It is hard to find a better natural source of vitamin B6 and folic acid, magnesium and zinc. The latter greatly accelerate the growth of hair and nails, as well as affect their strength. This is a real feast for the curls!

3. Coconut oil


It’s hard to find a more effective product for the “outer” hair nutrition than coconut oil. Masks and head massage with this exotic product will help get rid of dandruff and split ends and will significantly reduce brittleness. Besides, its tropical fragrance will cheer up even the gray days of winter. The most important thing is not to be lazy and undergo this pleasant procedure at least once or twice a week.

4. Dairy products


We have heard from childhood that milk is good for the bones. But few people think about its benefits for the hair. Calcium, vitamins D and B12 are essential for its strength. Have you noticed that hair begins to break when combing? Go to the grocery store and buy milk, yogurt or cottage cheese.

5. Eggs


Did you know that human hair consists of 80% protein, and the remainder is filled with water, pigments and minerals? Without the protein, your hair will never be beautiful and lush. What is the most affordable life-giving source of protein? Of course, an ordinary chicken egg’s white. But yolks should not be ignored either: they can replace any organic shampoo. Rub the yolk in your hair, leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool water. This simple procedure is able to bring back the shine to even dull and lifeless hair. No chemical substances!

6. Halibut


Fish and seafood are almost a panacea for the whole organism. There are few products that can boast of such a combination of protein and nutritious fatty acids. Our skin prefers red fish, but the nails will certainly appreciate any dish of halibut that is rich in iron. Besides, it is just delicious.

7. Honey


This sunny product will be beneficial for your hair as a nourishing mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2/3 cup of olive oil, rub the mixture into the scalp with massage movements and spread the remainder over the length of hair. Wrap your hair with a thick towel for a warming effect and leave it for half an hour. Finally, rinse it with warm water. This mask is especially effective in winter and autumn or spring, allowing you to survive the cold season without any considerable hair loss.

8. Green peas


For the hair to look better, grow faster and be stronger at the roots, it needs potassium. The most accessible and easily digestible way to get it is to eat soup or salad with green peas at least once a week.

9. Turkey


It’s simple: protein + iron = healthy hair without hair loss. Moreover, turkey meat is a healthy diet choice. So, your hair will look good, and the figure will not be affected.

10. Walnut


Walnuts are useful not only to address some sensitive male problems, but also to enhance hair growth and shine. The secret lies in vitamin E and the nutritional fats, which are needed for healthy hair. It turns out that walnuts can be used to combat gray hair. Chopped walnuts should be put in a pot of hot water, boiled, strained and cooled. Cool liquid is applied on the hair for about 20 minutes and then rinsed. The extract of walnuts, prepared in a similar way, helps hair retain its natural pigment and contributes to preventing gray hair.

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