10 Under Eye Skin Care Tips for Looking 10 Years Younger

The true age of a woman is said to be seen under her eyes. It’s hard to question this opinion: the experience of past years, and all the emotions are always reflected on your face as in a mirror. This wisdom can also be interpreted literally. The skin around the eyes is the most tender area of our face. So wrinkles and signs of poor sleep are immediately imprinted there. That is why such delicate areas of the body should enjoy special attention and care. Proper treatment of the skin around the eyes is able to visually make you ten years younger!

Under-eye bags, swelling and wrinkles around the eyes are the “traitors” that reveal a woman’s true age and easily add about 5-10 years to her age. If the dates in your passport suddenly become the reason for concern, you should start to carefully look after the “dangerous” area. Don’t you know where to start? Start with these simple tips.

1. More iron


In your plate rather than in the gym. After all, lack of iron in the body is one of the main causes of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Start fighting with them, add more spinach, beans, dark chocolate and pomegranate juice to the diet.

2. Do not forget about the foundation


Do you use makeup and eye shadows every day? Then be sure to buy a quality primer (foundation for the eye shadows). This product will not only extend the life of makeup, but will also fill small wrinkles on the eyelids. This will make the skin look younger.

3. Put the tweezers aside!


Young ladies are strongly recommended not to pluck and trim their eyebrows with great enthusiasm. Thin “arches” can make the face more stringent by adding extra years. Broader and more voluminous eyebrows have completely the opposite effect. Besides, they look very much in trend.

4. Do not forget about moisturizing


Everyone knows that moisturizing is a great solution to preserve youth. The skin around the eyes needs much more moisture than any other area of the face. Do you hesitate what cream to choose? Make sure that it contains vitamin E and sunscreens (SPF).

5. Be careful with salt


Salt has the ability to retain fluid in the body. If you abuse salty food, especially in the evening, the result will literally be seen on the face. In the form of swelling and bags under the eyes. To avoid this, do not exceed the dose of 2300 mg (one teaspoon) of salt per day.

6. Sweet potatoes instead of cucumbers


It turns out that sweet potatoes – and not cucumbers – are the most useful “food” for the skin around the eyes. Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and remove puffiness perfectly well. Keep a thin slice of sweet potato on your face for 10 minutes, and under-eye bags will be gone.

7. Avoid dark colors


Most women prefer to emphasize the eyes with a black eyeliner or pencil. But makeup artists advise to reserve the most popular color for the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid should be highlighted with a pencil of the flesh, white or another light color. This simple trick will make your look much fresher and will hide the signs of fatigue.

8. Brussels sprouts + olive oil


This is a super effective duo in fighting for a good skin and a good eyesight. Brussels sprouts is a natural source of lutein, a substance that helps prevent cataracts and other eye diseases. Effective assimilation of lutein takes place with the help of lipids (fats), which are contained in olive oil. The latter also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, saturating cells with moisture. Isn’t it proper beauty food?

9. Green tea


This is an amazing product for internal and external use. In the morning, it awakens and provides with energy the whole body and the skin around the eyes in particular. Cool a brewed tea bag in the fridge and make a compress. Caffeine, which is present in the composition of many creams for the skin around the eyes, accelerates blood circulation and thus helps relieve edema and slightly lighten the delicate areas.

10. Camouflage your age


Makeup is the fastest way to effectively mask one’s real age. The main thing is to apply it wisely and with moderation. For example, to camouflage the circles around the eyes choose a concealer of a yellowish mid-tone rather than a whitish one. The yellow pigment will cope with the blue areas much better and, as a result, will look much more natural.

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