6 Ways How Sex Strengthens Your Relationship

Sex is a pleasant and useful for health activity. Besides, good sex strengthens the relationship, making it more intimate and confidential.

Intimacy makes a couple’s communication more diverse


People differ from most animals because they have sex not only for reproduction but also for pleasure. There is yet another important function of intimacy, which is often forgotten.

Sex is a kind of communication, a special language that a couple can talk to get distracted from everyday issues and from discussing the relationship.

Sexual communication includes hugging, touching, kissing, and stroking. The most important thing is that this conversation is sensual and irrational. It helps to express the feelings that words will never be able to explain.

Many couples make the mistake of discussing their routine business, work, household chores and child care in bed. Thus they leave no room for sensual communication and impoverish their relations. Therefore, it is important to remove everything from your bedroom that will interfere with the two of you and your passion.

Routine sex brings more fun


It is believed that sexual life of the couples with a lasting relationship does not change for the better. Yes, the people who have lived together 5 years tend to have sex less often than those who have just started dating. But who said that less often means less good?

When there is a family and a common life, sex becomes a habit. The stage of getting used to each other is long gone, and people have become familiar and predictable in everything. This means that the couple has established a conditional physiological rhythm – sex happens as frequently as it is necessary for the partners to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Lovers cease to rely on stereotypes and are not worried about the impression that they need to make on the partner. They listen to their needs and satisfy them as soon as they appear. Sex becomes more vivid and emotional.

It relieves anxiety


The hormone oxytocin is released during sex, relieving anxiety and appeasing the body. The orgasm itself, even for a relatively brief moment, drives the lovers into a state of euphoria. They forget all the troubles and tribulations, and there is no room for anxiety. This condition can even be called short-term amnesia.

It has a good effect on the nervous system of an individual and on the relationship of the couple. Of course, if you do not finish quarrels with conciliatory sex, unresolved issues and insults will accumulate, destroying the relationship rather than strengthening it.

It strengthens trust


In general, good quality sex occurs only between the two people who trust each other. It’s hard to imagine that one decides to conduct erotic experiments with an unfamiliar partner. You will let the partner tie you or use sex toys only if you know this person will not cause harm, but on the contrary, will try to bring more fun.

Sexual curiosity helps develop the relationship. And it’s great when there is trust, through which you can satisfy this curiosity. All successful experiments reinforce this trust even more.

Sex helps to be faithful


When a couple has established their way of life and built the relationship with each other and the children and they still have good sex, this automatically means they will “live happily ever after.” Good sex plays the same role in a relationship as a solid foundation in a house. The stronger it is, the longer the house will survive.

When both partners are satisfied, they are not looking for extramarital affairs. Everything is simple.

It helps relieve emotional stress


Good sex ends with an orgasm, and orgasm is both physiological and emotional discharge. No matter how much stress everyday life brings, it can be resolved through good sex with someone you love.

Being sexually satisfied is the instinct peculiar to both men and women. If there is no regular emotional discharge, tension is accumulated in the relationship and inside each of the partners.

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