9 Qualities of a Faithful Man

Falling victim to cheaters is a mortifying experience. It brings in the feelings of rejection, unreliability, immorality. Your trust is undermined. Naturally you would want to be protected against unfaithfulness as much as you only can.

It is not one of those things you can figure out effectively, true, yet there are some indications you can rely upon if you have grounds for suspicion. Scientists did manage to work out some indications as to what sort of guy is more or less likely to cheat on you, and these may be helpful to clarify your situation to some extent if the question arose.

Your earnings run to about the same figure


A study published by the American Sociological review states that partners who stay within approximately the same income level are less inclined to cheat on each other. It is when men earn more money compared to their spouses that the cheating tendency grows, reaching its peak if men earn less. Therefore a relationship based on similar amounts of income promises to be a more stable one.

You have got a Midwest man

A recent marriage survey concluded that Midwest manners are somehow not conducive to cheating on spouses.

There are no cheaters among his friends

Psychologists say that when your man’s friends are not above cheating, he may well be tarred with the same brush! The opposite is also true: a man whose company is made up of loyal friends is likely to be a loyal partner himself.

He has enough love and emotions at home


Although cheating seems to imply sexual hunger and attraction, these two are not inseparably linked. Often men yield to cheating driven by emotional needs – they feel they are not emotionally satisfied as they would like to be, so they seek it elsewhere.

Your partner is an extrovert

When cheating takes place under the third party’s influence, it turns out you can rely on extroverts more than on introverts. Introverts are more likely to be swayed by women who made up their minds to lure them on, while extroverts are far less amenable to other’s wishes. Those who like to socialize more can move away from the temptation with more ease.

You feel you can be sure of him

Well, all of us have intuition, and sometimes we just feel that this guy is trustworthy while that other one can cheat given an opportunity. Psychologists suggest you listen to your gut feeling and the voice inside – there are good chances that you know the truth, as simple as that.

He has siblings

According to a Seeking Arrangements dating site survey, many cheaters were the only children in the family. The bigger your boyfriend’s family is, the more chances you have of his being faithful.

He is a fan of Metallica


Music has always had a lot to do with lovin’ feeling, and it is a highly evocative agent. It’s no surprise that there is a survey connecting music with cheating. If your boyfriend is into heavy metal, he belongs to the group with fewer cheaters.

He is not easy to get aroused

It’s only logical that – as revealed in the Archives of Sexual Behavior – men who need some time to work up the necessary level of excitement will be less likely to succumb to the temptation. The ones who get ready fast come in for stronger suspicion, then.

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