6 Women’s Habits Men Hate

In order to constantly keep your relationship alive, you need to look for common interests with your partner, try to find common ground and get rid of bad habits.

Be restrained in your habits: thus you will seem attractive to your boyfriend.

1. Do not be too jealous


Give your partner a little space. If he talks to other girls, it does not mean that he cheats on you.

2. Keep your quarrels in secret


Do not start a row in public and even among very close friends. It is much better to resolve all disagreements at home.

3. Do not be jealous if he communicates with friends


When it comes to a serious relationship, it is very important to give your soulmate a certain amount of freedom for him to be able to get a new circle of friends and acquaintances. Do not force him to choose between you and your friends.

4. Keep your expectations to yourself


There are certain limits that should not be broken even during an intimate relationship. Everything cannot be perfect.

5. Calm down, girl!


Try not to ask him questions like “Where have you been?” and “Whom did you communicate with?” very often. He will feel that you don’t trust him.

6. Do not compete with him!


You do not have to compete with him in everything. This is a bad idea! You have to play together as a team, not against each other!

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