7 Qualities of a Good Esthetician

There are a lot of cosmetologists today, so it is difficult to choose a worthy professional, who will not damage your skin.

1. A good esthetician’s appearance

This profession, more than any other job, relies on great appearance. Do not fall for the trick “I have so many clients that there is no time for myself.” A beautician must have perfect skin without wrinkles, spots and any other imperfections. Wouldn’t it be strange, if the person gave you tips on how to become more beautiful without caring for his/her appearance?

2. The specialist must be versatile

He or she must be able to carry out treatment, make injections and be an expert in hardware cosmetology. At least in some of the main technical devices. A competent beautician will always offer a holistic approach rather than focus on any single drug as a panacea.

3. Respect for colleagues


A self-respecting expert will never speak ill of the colleagues and blame your previous cosmetologist, even if there are reasons to do so.

4. A good explanation of procedures

The specialist must explain clearly and in detail why he recommends this or that thing. At the same time, the beautician should not use a lot of terminology and incomprehensible phrases that will confuse you.

5. Look at the examples of work

Of course, the best proof of being a qualified specialist is to show examples of your work. If your friend visits this beautician and you see incredible results – most likely, you will also be satisfied with the customer service this person provides.

6. Connections


A lot of serious problems with the skin and appearance cannot be solved only with the help of cosmetic products, that is why a good beautician will recommend experts in related fields to solve the problem from the inside.

7. Education

It is useful to know not only about some basic education, but also about additional training courses that your beautician attended. It is important that the expert should be in the constant process of learning. It is not enough to boast having a certificate, received ten years ago.

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