Split Hair Ends Treatment

If the hair ends are getting split, and you are reluctant to cut the hair, grown with so much difficulty, you don’t really need to. Read our article to know what to do instead.

Even if you visit your hairdresser once a month and undergo advanced hair treatments, you will notice that the hair ends split from time to time. There could be several reasons for this behavior:

  • frequent coloring,
  • perming,
  • daily thermal hairstyling,
  • the impact of ultraviolet radiation in warmer months,
  • neglecting headwear in the cold months

By the way, if the hair is not hidden under the hat or hood in cold months, it will be split as well.

  • the deficit of fluids, vitamins and minerals in the body,
  • improper brushing and incorrectly selected hair care products,
  • incomplete removal of hair styling products.

How to prevent split ends?

After reading this list, you already know that it is simple to prevent split hair ends: you need to use leave-in hair care products, minimize the use of hairdryers, avoid hair straighteners and curlers, buy combs and brushes made of natural materials, and take care of the diet.

Do not forget to smooth the hair

Hairdressers say unanimously that long hair is more prone to splitting, so the strands that are 30 cm or more in length should be trimmed at least once in three months. Here’s the point: sebaceous glands of the scalp secrete a substance, which covers the hair with a thin layer, protecting it from drying out. The longer the hair, the more difficult it is for the sebum to cover its entire length. What should you do?

Of course, the most effective way out is to cut the damaged areas. While there are split ends, your hair will look unkempt, unhealthy, and shiny.

Start washing your hair in a new way

Remember that split hair ends cannot be washed with shampoo. It sounds strange, but this method works perfectly well. Shampoo can be applied only to the hair roots, whereas the hair ends should be washed with soapy water, which will flow down to the roots. Do not forget about the conditioner: if your scalp is oily, and the hair ends are dry, it must be applied only on them. It is preferable to wash your hair in warm or cool water instead of hot water.

Include oil into your hair care

To prevent split hair ends, include special oil into your daily hair care. Most of all, your strands like jojoba, avocado, or coconut oil. It is nice if these substances will be included in the shampoo, conditioner, or mask.

For example, argan and macadamia oils instantly penetrate the hair structure, moisten it with vitamins and antioxidants, causing no greasy sensation. Besides, oil care prevents the loss of color intensity and saturation when exposed to sunlight.

Use products for thermal protection

Unfortunately, frequent use of thermal tools and devices for haircare inevitably leads to split ends. To minimize this effect, apply a heat protector before hairstyling. It will form a protective film over the entire length of the hair and will prevent evaporation. Also, try to dry and style your hair at the minimum temperature. Luckily, all the latest gadgets are equipped with a temperature regulator.

Comb your hair correctly

There are a few rules, and they are all simple:

  • Do not comb the hair against its growth.
  • Do not comb wet and damp hair; first dry it with a towel.
  • Too frequent and too rare combing is harmful, so stay on the middle ground.
  • Comb the strands gently and slowly, moving from the ends to the roots.

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