How to Make Your Marriage Happier Every Day?

Sharing something positive with each other regularly, partners strengthen the emotional bond, provide mutual support and sleep better.

The study, conducted by the researchers from Gonzaga University (USA), was presented at the annual convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

The psychologists’ object of study was 162 couples, where husbands and wives were military officers, worked in emergency services and dealt with emergency situations. Experiencing high levels of stress at work, such people often faced difficulties in the relationship. On average, the study participants lived together for 12 years, and 20% of them were cohabiting.

The researchers found out that a daily exchange of good news helped the couples to maintain a close relationship and feel each other’s support. In addition, positive communication contributed to a good night’s sleep.

When we share something good, and the person to whom this information is addressed is actively happy for us, it is beneficial to both interlocutors. At the same time, one of the study authors, Sarah Arpin, says that if the addressee demonstrates indifference to your attempt at sharing the joy, it can have negative consequences for the relationship and your health. A good sleep, the presence of social relationship, and emotional support are known to be the key factors of good health and high efficiency.

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