10 Habits That Harm Your Hair

There used to be the time when women washed their hair with usual shampoo and were OK with that. Until they learnt about split ends from advertisements and glossy magazines. So there began the endless fight for hair beauty, winning which is not so simple. However, you should try and eliminate these 10 mistakes harming your hair, to reinforce your beauty-positions and make your visits to beauty parlors less frequent.

Long hair is most girls’ dream. It is a pity that length and health do not always come together. So, waist-long hair is often accompanied by brittleness and the notorious split ends. The same problems also prevent us from growing dream hair. To break out of this vicious circle, start with correcting hair care mistakes. After all, they are often to blame for your split ends.

Mistake 1: Gathering your hair in a high ponytail or a tight bun

It turns out that tight hairstyle worn every day weakens your hair. The hair can get brittle in the place where it is clasped by hair elastic or a pin. The situation becomes even worse if you have a habit of gathering wet hair in a ponytail or a bun after washing.

Solution: use soft elastics, change your hairstyle more often and never clasp wet hair.

Mistake 2: Washing your hair every day

Millions of beauties make this mistake. You may be wondering how hygiene and split ends are connected. In fact, there is a direct connection. Shampoos dry your hair, and it easily forms knots. When you’re trying to comb through knots, you inevitably tear them. As a result, you get the notorious split ends.

Solution: disaccustom your hair from daily washing. You can be sure, the scalp adapts to the new regime easily. To preserve a tidy look while “disaccustoming”, use dry shampoo.

Mistake 3: Using the wrong hair products

Any shampoo or hair conditioner is a combination of chemical elements. Alas, not all chemicals are equally useful. They are even treacherous. After all, an overly “harsh” composition, even of an expensive product, can give you the coveted hair luster at the cost of over-drying.

Solution: study the composition of the product carefully and try to avoid sulfates. In addition, you should pay attention to the shampoos labeled “organic” and “SLS free” (“sulfate-free”) – they can significantly improve your hair condition.

Mistake 4: Intense towel-drying

To speed up hair drying time and to abandon the dryer, many women actively rub them with a towel for several minutes. Yes, it helps to avoid high temperatures, but it doesn’t do your hair any good. After all, by doing so, you literally tangle your hair with your own hands, knot and break it.

Solution: if you prefer towel-drying – wrap your hair turban-like. By the way, to speed up the process, replace the heavy towel by a cotton T-shirt.

Mistake 5: Combing wet hair

Wet hair is very flexible and vulnerable. So, when you comb your hair immediately after washing, you stretch it and cause damage.

Solution: put off the styling until the hair is dry. If it is not an option, please pay attention to the popular detangler hairbrushes. Their flexible bristles are designed especially for non-traumatic brushing through knots, including wet hair. In addition, don’t forget to use the spray conditioner for easy combing.

Error 6: Brushing your hair from the roots down

This way, you tear out your hair, without detangling the notorious knots. You just move them down, to the dry ends.

Solution: always start brushing your hair at the tips and gradually rise higher to the roots.

Error 7: Improper use of hair dryer

Everyone knows that dryers not just dry, but even over-dry the hair. However, to reduce the harm, manufacturers supply hairdryers with special headers diffusing the stream of hot air. Many beauties, alas, ignore the special header.

Solution: never forget about the diffuser and do not direct hot air into one place for too long. Besides, don’t forget to keep the device at least at a distance of 15-20 cm from the hair.

Mistake 8: Using an old hair dryer

Nothing is eternal under the moon, including hair dryers. Old hair dryers tend to overheat and, consequently, damage your hair.

Solution: stylists recommend changing your hairdryer at least once in 3 years.

Mistake 9: Abusing hair straighteners and curlers

The simplest rule that should be remembered by all beauties: high temperature is your hair’s No. 1 enemy. And even if you’ve bought an expensive hair straightener with tourmaline plates or a curler with a “safe” mode, you still do irreparable harm to your hair, if you use them every day.

Solution: at least, do not to use styling tools every day. Besides, you should not forget about thermal protection. Even when on holiday.

Error 10: Not trimming the tips

Unfortunately, regular visits to a stylist and cutting your hair will not help you to grow your hair quickly. However, it will surely look much neater.

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