10 Makeup Mistakes 40+ Women Should Avoid

Female beauty is like good wine. It becomes even more refined over the years. However, the excess of alcohol is harmful to health. That’s why stylists strongly recommend that middle-aged ladies should not overdo with artificial beauty. They should avoid these makeup mistakes not to make the face look older.

Cosmetic products are women’s most powerful weapon. Age, grown-up children and other circumstances are no good reason to neglect using it. One just has to remember that both makeup and wardrobe need to be adapted to age and the changes of one’s body. This should be done to look harmonious and beautiful at any period of life. For example, these makeup mistakes should rather be left to young girls. Mature beauties will manage without them.

Mistake 1: Using too thick foundation

With age, the skin becomes drier and more uneven. A thick foundation will only emphasize these features. Accentuated by the cream, wrinkles and peeling areas will produce the opposite effect. Therefore, professionals advise mature women to pay attention to delicate cream textures and fluids. The more moisturizing ingredients the foundation contains, the better. For makeup to look fresh, do not forget to undergo gentle peeling of the skin several times a week and apply a good night cream.

Mistake 2: Applying a matting concealer to the undereye area

Women tend to conceal dark undereye circles and other signs of lack of sleep at any age. But what is refreshing at the age of 20-30 can have the opposite effect after 50. Therefore, makeup artists claim that middle-aged women should avoid a thick concealer or corrector. Makeup products with a matting or powder effect clog the wrinkles and make them even more pronounced. Instead, pay attention to the concealer with reflective particles. It will refresh the look and visually smooth out the skin relief. Before you start your morning fight against the “circles” on your face, do not forget to apply a good moisturizing cream with a lifting effect to the undereye area.

Mistake 3: Choosing a very dark lipstick

Any makeup artist will tell you that dark lipstick shades visually reduce the lips. The same effect is made by nature and time. So why should you “help” them? Instead of wine, brown and dark scarlet shades, pay attention to a refreshing peach, pink or discreet “nude” palette. Be sure to complement the lipstick with a contour pencil of a similar shade.

Mistake 4: Using powder

Powder is a matting product, and so it has a slight natural drying effect. It is almost contraindicated to dry skin of any age and especially of mature age. If you feel that the face skin is getting greasy and shiny, it is better to use matting wipes. By doing so, you will not emphasize the wrinkles, and the skin will look fresh.

Mistake 5: Using black eyeliner

Eyeliners may look attractive, but rigid black lines emphasize the slightest signs of fatigue, undereye bags, and circles. Makeup artists advise substituting burlesque eyeliners for a soft pencil of gray, light brown or khaki shades.

Mistake 6: Failing to use a lip liner

Or choosing the wrong shade. With age, the contour of the lips becomes less clear. A special lip liner will help fix this effect. Do not try to draw new lines over the existing ones. This will augment the lips, and they will look unattractive. Besides, do not forget to choose the lip pencil as similar to the shade of lipstick as possible.

Mistake 7: Applying mascara to the lower eyelashes and eyeliner to the lower eyelid

Your eyes will not look smaller, and the look will not seem tired, if you don’t emphasize the lower eyelid. If you really want to, draw a soft line from the outer corner of the eye for about ¾ of the eyelid (not reaching the inner corner) and be sure to retouch it. Remember about one of the tips given above: a gray or brown eyeliner will look much fresher than the black one.

Mistake 8: Not using a lip brush

With age, lips acquire an increasingly pronounced relief, which a simple lip balm cannot cope with. This is normal. Don’t emphasize this little nuance. A delicate lip brush will be really helpful in this case. Using it, you will apply lipstick with a more accurate dense layer and make the fine wrinkles smooth. In general, the makeup will look much better.

Mistake 9: Drawing black eyebrows

To be brief, a black eyebrow pencil is a big mistake. Especially in age makeup. If you want to emphasize the eyebrows, pay attention to soft shades of light brown, golden or ashy colors.

Mistake 10: Not using blush

With age, our face is gradually losing its natural colors. Why not support it with a healthy blush of a natural shade? Bronzers of a not very dark gold color are also good. The main thing is not to apply them to the cheekbones.

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