6 Reasons to Never Date a Married Man

Not a single married man wants to substitute one wife for another one. He can give you an oath of love, write passionate messages and be very gentle, but what he needs from you is sex and raising his own self-esteem. You are nothing more than just a toy.

If he is married and cheats on his wife with you, you are just “another” woman for him. You are not the only one with whom he sleeps. And he finds it comfortable.

1. It is convenient for him when you come to him and then go home

He has no obligations before you. You are just a wonderful option to spend time with ease and pleasantness.

2. It suits him that he can get everything he needs from you

In other words, he just uses you. You give him sex, you flatter his vanity and make him feel a special one. Why would he change anything?

3. He likes the fact that he does not have to spend all his time with you

If a man really loves you, he will find a way to spend all his time with you. He will buy you gifts, pay for you and help you solve your problems. Instead, he returns to his wife, spends time with her and buys gifts for her.

4. Everything he does, he does for himself

He has sex with you because he likes it and because it is forbidden fruit. Then he sends you home or goes home to his wife because he finds it convenient.

5. Your communication is full of mysterious sadness

Of course, your conversation should be as brief as possible because it’s hard to remember everything he must tell all his mistresses.

6. He will cheat on you

If by any miracle you still manage to destroy his marriage and take him away from his wife, you can be sure that he will cheat on you too. The point is that forbidden fruit is sweet. Adulterers know this better than anyone else.

Therefore, if you manage to meet a man for whom you are the only one and who wants to be nearby all the time – take care of him! If you do not appreciate a decent man, he will have to assert his individuality with the help of other women.

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