4 Things to Think about Before Cheating

There are times and situations when cheating may seem the easiest and most natural thing to do. But is it really so? The easiest way is not always the best one, and there are bound to be ramifications – far-reaching ones, most likely.

Besides, cheating is something that makes you out as a callous and insensitive person at the least, and at the most one who betrays the trust that has been granted you by your partner. This unpleasant awareness may not be in the forefront at the start, but can catch up on you later.

So, if you are in a serious relationship but feel tempted to try an exciting adulterous adventure, pause and consider these several points before you take the plunge.

Imagine your feelings once your partner has found you out

By its nature unfaithfulness is linked to secrecy, and secrecy makes you feel as if you are well protected against discovery. The sense of false security drives you to go on with cheating. You feel in control of the situation, but you know it can come out into the light at any moment. What would you feel then, confronted by your partner? Would you feel happy and excited or ashamed?

You learn that your partner has cheated on you – how would you take it?

While you are cheating and drawing pleasure from the fact, you generally believe that your partner is keeping faith to you in spite of your having trampled your promises underfoot. Now what if you found yourself at the receiving end? Why not try and picture to yourself the emotions that will fill your heart upon learning that your partner has gone and done that behind your back?

You have hurt your partner, was it worth it?

You can’t delude yourself, you know that your being unfaithful will be hurtful to your partner. He or she expected you to abide by your promises, and you broke them flagrantly. Now, what can you gain by it? From their point of view it is an offence; do you really want to inflict it on them?

You may bring your current relationship to an end by your act

Another delusion that cheating partners indulge in is that the adultery is not going to affect the existing relationship seriously. Things will go on as before. Now this is what happens but rarely in these cases, so before you commit yourself think if you are ready to lose your partner and break the relationship. Have you taken this into account?

While the first feelings about cheating may be extremely exhilarating and promising, what it really is is a strong blow dealt to your partner’s trust in you – a blow which he or she may not recover after fully. Cheating is not so much a risk as it is destruction of what you have. Are you willing to take full consequences of what you are going to do?

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