16 Ways to Know if She Likes You

We all get busy dating because we – men and women alike – want to find a person who will become important for us emotionally. It’s something short of a miracle when we hit upon someone we can really like and relate to. Yet miracles happen. But when you do discover a person you would like to hitch one day, immediately the problem arises: how to become 100 % sure that the person cherishes the same feelings for you? Your doubts about a possible rejection may take the magic out of your meetings and eventually spoil the whole of the budding relationship.

The shadow of rejection always looms upon us and can descend at an unexpected moment on the best of us; therefore, it’s always worth your while to get an inkling in advance whether chances are stacked in your favor – or not. Here is a mighty useful assortment of indications for guys to learn just how much she is into you, from her phone messages to her eagerness to share her world with you.

Of course in life there are no hard-and-fast guarantees, and ladies might conceal their feelings, especially at the earlier stages of acquaintanceship, but these observations are mostly well-grounded and will help you sooner or later along the way if you are attentive. Read, and may luck be with you!

8 symptoms of possible rejection

She closes text exchanges

We are living in a time where texting is so widely-spread that it reflects the person’s feelings. (Women no exception.) Women, when they want to string a man along, are not likely to lead a conversation to a dead end; rather, they will go on texting. Once your girl starts answering you in a way that chokes life out of the conversation, she no longer wants to get your messages. Either she is really busy, or she is not interested.

On the one hand, women often expect to be texted as much as possible, and you can play along, on the other – it’s a good idea to disappear for a while and make them curious what it is that keeps you away? So there’s a neat little trick of shutting down the conversation suddenly and see if the girl resumes the talk later. If she clean forgot about it – here’s your hint.

She mentions other men

Once a woman starts bringing other men into a conversation, chances that she wants to be involved with you are rather slim. Or probably, she intends to stir up your jealousy by way of leading you on that not all guys are so fond of.

If you are the man who she focuses on, what is the reason behind mentioning other men she knows? Only to hint that you are not the only pebble on the beach. So you are in her friend zone in company with her other male friends, that’s bad. And when she begins to ask you about the guy psychology and how to handle her male acquaintances best, that’s definitely a washout.

If this tendency begins to grow on your conversations, think whether she is a good friend and you are interested in her as one – for you may never get any closer than that.

She is often engaged

A woman who means your relationship to go on is sure to find time for you however busy she might be. We all have lives to live, but if she keeps thinking about you, she will try to find time to be with you. Generally, women are a romantic kind, and if they are intent on meeting the man they have feelings for, they will be hell bent on it and won’t allow anything to stand in their way!

As you keep planning things together and she sounds willing, you are going strong, and occasional flakes may be overlooked; yet if every time you have to listen to how busy she is and she just cannot break away, you may tell yourself it’s not your piece of skirt.

There are those who may want to keep you off for a time to boost your eagerness, but they will want to see you anyway and not play their games from afar.

She asks for your number but won’t give hers

This is one of the earliest rejection symptoms – she doesn’t want you calling her but will think whether she would like to call you or not. That’s not the attitude you want.

As a girl’s interest is aroused, she will give you her number to see how soon you will call her and how you will behave. They will be pleased to see that you take the situation in your hands, make moves first and think of something for both of you.

While girls who take your number are just showing you politely that they are not going to call you ever. Those who want to reject you will try to do it unobtrusively first, so that a guy may not even be aware he has already been dumped. That’s why guys need to keep their ears pricked for signs.

She seems half-hearted

Guys not interested in women do not hurry to cheat them into believing they are – it may be fraught with troubles later on. Women behave in the same way. You judge by her manners that she is unconcerned – it is highly probable that she is so.

With some men, it is an incentive to chase them because they think she is running away to be chased when in fact she is trying to get off and be left alone. Considering how many times women get hit on, this is hardly surprising that sometimes they just want to vanish into thin air, and it doesn’t need to give you an inferiority complex. Then again, if they want to get closer to you they will surely give their feelings away now and then.

Mostly all of us get to know pretty soon if we like to get involved or not, and forcing the situation is highly unlikely to give you the desired result. Far better to stop flogging the dead horse.

She stands you up

As you go planning your time together and once or twice your plans fall through because of her, you take it easy since there are times when we are plumb unable to get from under our commitments. But if that happens at the eleventh hour time after time and you get nothing but excuses, that must mean she is unconcerned. You have already been rejected, and in future you are going to get yet more of it. Why not stop now?

A normal girl will make dead certain she will meet a guy she is interested in, and, by the way, the same goes for men, so this is a certain sign.

However different men and women might be, the idea is the same for both: when you’ve found somebody you like, you cultivate them and show them your attitude. Otherwise, you are on a wild goose chase.

She accentuates the notion of friendship

She regards herself as your friend – she likes you, but somehow it doesn’t reach to the stage when you get between the sheets. She may even want to find a girl for you who she believes to be the right one – and that’s curtains, because girls who have feelings for a fellow are sure to keep him to himself and not advertise him away.

Time and time again it happens that a woman gets interested in a guy but a little something is missing – then she wants him to stay around but can’t give herself away completely. One of the ways to keep him within reach is to fix him up with a friend of hers who is just a bit less gorgeous, so she could have access to him without promising to date him.

You will have to think and choose just how flattering this kind of attitude is for you… But mind, more often than not this is a good sign for good friendship.

She ducks physical contact

If you noticed her shy away from making physical contact with you, there can hardly be any doubt she is not going to sleep with you, ever. It is not natural to cringe at the idea of someone you like touching you, and for girls even more than for guys. On the contrary, women would be inclined to touch you as often as they can – they may be saying at the moment how silly you are, but their touch will tell you she would like to be embraced.

Consequently, if you come close enough for any physical contact and you see her withdraw, her body says that the very idea of your touching her is undesirable (if not repulsive). It’s elementary body language and you should heed it and desist, or your rejection may come fast and hard.

Instead of being importunate with your wish for physical touching to her who doesn’t appreciate it, go away and find the one who will welcome it – and you will be happier.

8 symptoms of unlikely rejection

She is feeding you signs

It’s a question whether men are able to notice the signs or not, but you may rest assured there will be regular signs telling you that the woman you date is into you.

If it poses a teaser whether the lady you fancy is ready to reciprocate your feelings, pay attention to her little habits that recur when you are around. Most of them are really simple: rearranging hair, sitting straight (no lounging), following up on your topics, laughing at your jokes. By being observant you will learn to pick up all those signs.

You will know for sure whether she is going to reject you if you learn to discern the vibes she emanates. Have fun instead of running the risk to drive into a stone wall. The signs will be the more in evidence the more she wants you to embrace and kiss her. See when she is willing to take you to the next base, she will show it for the discerning eye.

She takes pains to look her best

Have you noticed that every time when she thinks you two may meet she tries to look spruce? That means she is out for your attention and much of it.

If a woman has fallen for a man in a big way, looking great becomes a sort of an obsession with her. In order to hold your attention she is likely to rig up a casually marvelous outfit and assume an air of confidence, for she knows that although the game is not so much sheer physical attraction than an emotional bond, a fetching appearance will always be one in her favor. Maintaining outward attraction can set the hearts onto a romantic track much faster.

So when you hit upon a woman who engages your fancy, run a careful eye over her surreptitiously. Observe her nails: are they perfect? Is her face done up with meticulous care? Are her clothes well-matched and elegant? Then you can make a good guess as to her feelings for you.

She lets you into her life

With men letting their girls into their world comes easier, but girls can be pretty reticent – unless they feel they can trust you. Naturally, it has to do with fear of rejection, but this fear assumes different forms with girls and with guys. Guys take rejection as a matter of their physique’s worth, but for girls the deepest fear is that someone should reject them after seeing their real self.

So your woman tells you about her everyday events, takes you along to meet her friends, shares her reactions to things and people – she feels involved with you!

These reactions, events, and meetings may be far from romantic in nature, yet they show her wish to have you near, and this puts both of you in the same boat on the way to the tropical island of your dreams.

She begins talking to you

She catches up on any chance to start a conversation (even if the chance were a bit ludicrous) – and that means the girl is into you and she wants development.

A girl gets pretty much attention from men one way or another during the day, and if she is confident enough she doesn’t have the need of all of it – she picks and chooses whom she will single out for talking. Therefore, if she draws you into a conversation, then she wants you!

When you receive her text referring to your previous conversation, your plans for the day or the latest news, that might be a sign that she wants you to take her out. Follow up on this opening and you won’t be turned down, you can count on that.

She plans way ahead

Planning into the future doesn’t necessarily mean making wedding plans (if she does that, you already know what her feelings are!). First of all, it means that the woman makes plans for the two of you for a couple of weeks or months ahead.

The woman intends you to stick around for a long time, and as soon as she hears about a party, an event, a show, she automatically includes you in her plans. That is a sure sign that she expects you to be with her for time to come. If she shows it like this, you may rest assured you can cultivate the situation without fearing rejection.

Women can be pretty devious, so this also serves as a way to make you think of a long-term relationship and count her in when you are planning as well.

She checks up on you on social media

So you know a girl whose feelings you are curious about, and you think of a way to learn about them. Here is a surefire one: you ask her for a use of her Instagram for a moment and take a look into her suggestions. If you find yourself there, you will know that there’s no need to be afraid of rejection and you can take her (at least) a step further into a relationship.

Even with the coolest and the calmest of them the temptation to visit your page again – no matter if there is nothing new – is resistless. Probably the more remote the girl seems in life, she more inveterate stalker she is. Thus she feels close to you without giving herself away.

Girls struggle with their share of insecurity, and many of them hate to be very obvious and wear their hearts on the sleeves. But her Instagram suggestions speak volumes about what they do and where they go online.

She always asks questions

A girl who is indifferent towards you is even more indifferent towards the details of your life. She has no wish at all to learn more about you, consequently, she has no questions to ask. The less she knows about you the better for her.

Now when somebody is interested in you (and doesn’t mind you knowing it), she will pelt you with questions concerning any part of your life, however trivial and insipid it may seem to you. You’ll find that there is nothing she doesn’t care to know about.

This curiosity serves as a means to prod you into making further moves – and as she gets more curious, the more urgent her wish for you to include her into your life is. This is a good strong sign in your favor.

She is fond of you

Then some girls can tell you straight that they like you. Naturally, there may be pranks or downright lies involved, but you ought to know enough to tell when a person is sincere in her expression of affection and when you are led up the garden path. But if the girl decides to come into the open with her feelings, it is a great opportunity for you to reciprocate by sharing your feelings with her.

Coming clean like this takes some guts, which is a wonderful quality, but quite a rare one. It puts things in their proper places, tells you just where you are with her, and invites to do the same for the girl who overcame her insecurity and voiced her attitude.

After all, is said and done, you would do well not to rely on her sincerity and open-hearted confessions, but observe the symptoms carefully and learn to recognize the signs!

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