How to Find out That the Guy Is Not Interested?

As a rule, you know your way around guys: they go for sports events, girls, and a lot of good food. When they like a girl, it’s often fairly obvious. But when they don’t, things may become a little more problematic for they become elusive. So when you need to know if you waste your smiles on the wrong guy, consider several signs like penning you up in the friendzone, withholding a special attitude and other telltale symptoms.

You have given him your heart, yet you don’t feel as sure as you would like to. Is he blocking any attempts to cultivate your relationship and take it to a more intimate level? Does he include you in group activities only and somehow you can’t find yourselves in town just the two of you? It really seems that he likes you – but not more than that. Does he send you nice texts out of the blue or turn up with small gifts? When you are together, do you have the feeling that you are a special person for him? No matter whether it’s just you and he or many of your friends, does he show that he singles you out? If not, your aspirations for a romantic relationship may fall through.

He should devote more time to you than to anyone else in the company. He should notice at once if you had a new haircut made or you turned up in a new outfit. He should be free with compliments. This would only happen if he is into you in a big way. He should call you or text you just to find out how you are feeling or how things are shaping. A lot of attention given and a lot of attention demanded is a certain sign that he keeps thinking of you all the time.

Or you may feel special for one reason that he insists on telling you all about other girls he knows – and even ask you for advice on how to handle some girl or other of his acquaintance. That is surely a bad sign, for he isn’t involved with you romantically. Romantic interests are often talked over with friends, and that puts you firmly into the friend category. You’re not the only woman on his mind.

So in your kind of relationship, it is you who calls and sends messages first and think of dates you could go on together? You feel that the responsibility rests with you – that’s because he doesn’t feel interested enough to be active. If it were otherwise, he would go out of his way to spend more time with you. And how does he behave when you get together with nobody else around? If he wants to find out how the world is treating you, you are O.K. But if he keeps jawing about his precious self, you’d better start looking around for a batter specimen of the males of this world.

It’s not pleasant for anyone to be deliberately harsh, and most guys will try to avoid telling outright that they are not to be counted on or will take pains to sweeten the pill. They can even laud you for being a friend in a thousand, thereby sticking a tag on you. Only if you press on disregarding the symptoms they will be forced to explain that they want no romance with you. If that took place, then you sort of pushed his back against the wall and led up to a showdown; there will be no turning back from it. He braced himself to tell you that you are not his Miss Right, and there’s nothing for you but to swallow it and leave him behind as one of the failures not to be brooded over.

And this video will explain you how to understand if a guy is into you:

These signs tell cearly if he wants more than just friendship.

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