How to Understand Women: 10 Female Secrets Revealed

Men sometimes think that it is easier to understand higher mathematics than women. Actually, this is the truth. Because, whether we like it or not, we look at many things differently, react differently to events. However, this is not a reason to ruin relations. decided to disclose women’s utmost secrets to make life easier for men.

Girl’s passion for bad guys is in the genes

A very popular girl chooses a bad guy — a familiar story, isn’t it? It turns out that this choice of partner is in some way genetically determined: women unconsciously think they create a couple with a physically strong, smart and confident male, and that is good for the survival of the offsprings.

Female driving is unique due to the structure of the brain

Male drivers often think that women should never drive a car. However, a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania makes us look at the situation differently.

It turns out that men’s and women’s brains are arranged differently. The former are better oriented in space, and the latter are better at remembering specific images. So it is easier for a woman to navigate the city being guided by specific objects. In addition, women in most cases park correctly, unlike men. However, it takes them a little longer.

Girls wonder how one cannot understand a hint

Women are more empathetic and expect the same from men — to be understood without saying anything or by making a vague hint. They find hints and the unsaid in men’s words, even where there is nothing there. If you want to sort out your relationships, make them as comfortable as possible for both of you — use words, discuss problems and ambiguities.

Women tend to take the blame

Women often blame themselves for all negative events. For example, when a guy says he’s in a bad mood today, she suddenly gets offended. Why? Because she’s decided that she is to blame.

Women need to try harder to succeed

We have to admit that society does not expect great career success from women. The reason for this is largely the fact that, in the recent past, a woman used to be a homemaker, and the man – a breadwinner. Although today the situation has largely changed, public consciousness rebuilds slowly, and girls are forced to make great efforts to prove otherwise. In addition to working, a woman takes on a large part of children upbringing and household chores. All this leads to the fact that a woman gets more tired in similar circumstances.

Women are no less intelligent than men

It is believed that women are worse at sciences than men. This stereotype is simply based on life observations. There are much fewer women engaged in sciences than men, as well as those interested in mathematics and physics.

However, studies show that women are capable of understanding math and physics no worse than men. This does not happen simply because public standards are pushing women towards studying other areas of knowledge.

Girls don’t like excessive persistence

If the girl does not respond to your attempts to get acquainted, she really doesn’t want that. In this case, the pick-up phrases like “Does your mother need a son-in-law?” are of no use.

Pushiness and flippancy are both no good in relationships. It is nice, of course, if a guy reciprocates, but constant annoying messages and attempts to control every step can kill any feelings.

Women cannot live without the sweet

However, a man can also have a sweet tooth, though much rarer. If you offer a woman to choose her favorite food, she is likely to take a chocolate bar, a slice of cake, and fruit. What about the man? He will put meat, ham or sausage on his plate. Scientists have proven that female body needs sweet foods: it is the effect of hormone estrogen on the brain tissue and blood sugar levels.

Not all women have the maternal instinct

It is considered that the maternal instinct is innate in women. So children care and upbringing is much easier for them than for men. Meanwhile, studies show that the nervous base of the so-called maternal instinct is not unique to women and does not depend only on hormones – it can be developed in anyone who wants to be a parent.

Actually, women don’t wear makeup for men

Probably no one will dare to argue with the fact that women hate to be compared to each other. If you still think that girls wear makeup, dress up and buy expensive dresses for men, we’ll disappoint you. In fact, they do it to impress other girls, to show that they are more noticeable.

It also explains the fact that many women, especially middle-aged ones, prefer to conceal their age. This is because, for many people, everything changes when they learn her true age. The people around her start evaluating the woman’s looks, career, and personal life differently. Age becomes a criterion for comparing women.

Even the notorious female competition (sometimes between friends) is based on jealousy and a sense of vulnerability.

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