The Easiest Way to Get Awesome Curls

Women with straight hair dream of beautiful and elastic curls. For this purpose, they are ready to sleep on curlers, burn their hair with curling irons and apply liters of hair spray. We offer an easy way, which, in addition to beauty, will give a good mood as well.

Balloons are an ideal solution for those who dream of perfect curls without curling. It sounds strange and ridiculous, but it’s worth a try. The result will impress everyone.

Inflate a balloon to the size of a small peach. Tie the balloon and make sure it is soft. Repeat the procedure with all the balloons you have and put them aside.

Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Spray it lightly with water and divide the hair into small strands, rolling them on the balloons. Fix the ends of hair with the help of pins. You can even sleep on these balloons, and they will not cause any discomfort. For the balloons not to burst, first inflate them more than you need and then release 5-10% of the air. This will stretch the rubber enough for the balloons not to burst.

When the hair is completely dry, remove the balloons and admire the large curls.

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