6 Basic Things about Dating that You Can Learn Too Late

We start too enthusiastically disregarding any rules there might be – and come to learn some important things the hard way, after making mistakes about them. Why go in for unnecessary heartache? See what useful things you can learn about dating.

Never take dating for granted

You are satisfied with your current date, you are going out for a couple of months and everything in the garden is just lovely. So you assume you two are going steady and heading for a lasting relationship. You want the world to know you are bonded. Now is the good time to learn if he is actually serious about you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in asking him outright whether he is seeing somebody else. This way you will know your ground. There’s always the possibility of him trying his luck with several women at once – or even being married and wishing to find sexual adventures on the side. While this may seem an unnecessary precaution, it might save you tears later.

Flowers are never out of place

There was the first time you were given flowers, it was exciting, but you may have forgotten when it was because it was only the first of so many similar occasions. Giving flowers is typical when you’ve got a decent date, a man who has you on his mind and associates you with beauty. There’s nothing to stop him picking a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine on the way to the meeting place, actually, it should come naturally to him to arrive with a small gift, a sign of his consideration and care. Giving you things ought to be a pleasure to him. So if your current boyfriend omits to present you with flowers and gifts periodically, he might be not as fond of you as you came to believe.

Don’t look for a perfect half for yourself

Fairy tales and romantic stories later all tell you that meeting the right man will make your life whole. You’ve grown to understand it’s not a very realistic point of view, but still, you may be waiting just for that – he will be infinitely romantic, you will never quarrel and his mother will adore you for making him happy. Yet that will never happen with those who rely on the man completely. You must be happy on your own and you must be in good terms with yourself – this will enable you to form sound relationships and love your man not for what he can give you, but for what he is. It’s no use expecting him to always help you in what you want to do – show him that you are independent enough and self-sufficient enough to appreciate him as a person and not an eternal helper and supporter. Try the kind of romance between equals, and you will love it!

Chase is a game to grow out of

When you have come across a person you like, the initial uncertainty comes for fun and games. Both of you are out to charm and capture one another’s affection. At the first stages, there’s no real need to hurry on with the сhase game. Don’t give in easily, sexually or otherwise. Why miss out on those attempts to attract? Let him do his bit of pursuance, be active and eager and not too sure of himself. Let him feel you must be conquered. Those who like to play a fast game of win or lose are not always most enjoyable in long-term relationships.

Retain some independence

Self-confidence is always a good thing, not least in relationships. A woman who feels fine on her own, and more than that, needs to stay by herself now and then, incites respect in men. She shows she needs personal space, she is capable of managing her own life and making her own decisions. Although it may seem a bit shocking for certain kind of men, and even put some out, but it only means they would prefer a woman who will be dependent on them and whose master they would like to feel. Does this type of relationship suit you?

As at the start, so further on

If you would like to keep the man you are dating, mark how he conducts himself from the start. His habits, little gestures, and his general attitude are highly unlikely to undergo major changes as you go on dating. The guy who is inattentive disregards your feelings, unmindful, doesn’t show proper respect, he is not going to change because of you. Even if you insist on his changing, it won’t be but for a short period. What you get at the beginning is what you will be getting afterward; if it feels right, right it will be, but if you observe bad signs and hope that things will adjust themselves with time, you are in for a disappointment.

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