8 Male Thoughts Women Will Never Hear

The only way you can learn about guys’ secret thoughts is only through the courtesy of our psychological expert, and here you are – take the advantage of some classified information straight from the horse’s mouth!

1. “Your family is pretty scary at times!”

Were they overwhelming the first time they met your current boyfriend? Was it your testy father? Did your brother begin to pick on him? Anyway, he’s not likely to go complaining to you about your people, but his mind is troubled.

2. “You say you enjoy our frolics in bed, but I cannot be sure that I am that good at it.”

You may have tried many things in the bedroom and you said it was great, but that still doesn’t make him 100% sure he is up to the task of making you forget what has been before him. He is not a sex-machine, what if some other fellow was far more satisfactory?

3. “I haven’t achieved all my professional goals and I’m not happy about it.”

Is there anyone who has? We all know in which direction we can evolve further and that spurs us on. If your partner boasts about what a great professional he is, it often means he’s trying to gloss over his inner doubts and fears.

4. “I’m not fully satisfied with my body either.”

You know he has a few extra pounds by the way he tries to hold his stomach in when he is undressing.

5. “Sometimes I lose the feeling that we are going strong.”

You cannot be dead sure of the quality of your relationship. Now and again everybody slips up and gets drowned in uncertainty even if he is hopelessly in love. Don’t hold it against him – future is like this, sometimes full of misgivings.

6. “When I visit my friends who have a baby my paternal instinct gets out of control.”

He won’t want you to feel pressed into anything, the more so that he is not sure he is ready to father children – it’s just that he was charmed by the little one.

7. “When I want to say “I love you,” something holds me back every time.”

Yes, that’s how it goes. Maybe if he gets sozzled, he could speak out and confess his love, like in Frank Sinatra’s song. But you’ll be wanting more.

8. “Your (here goes your personal mannerism) always makes my heart pound faster.”

Some little thing you do has his feelings flaring up whenever he sees you at it. You may never know about it – and it might be all right if you never get to know what it is exactly. Allow him to retain it as his very own little treasure.

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