10 Phrases Guys Would Be Glad to Hear During Your First Date

There are some things that can make your first date extra agreeable for him – try them!

Tell him he looks great

It sounds more natural when a man compliments a woman about her appearance, but why not reverse the tradition and help him be more confident by saying something like “You look really good in this jacket.” Just don’t overdo it with “cute” – don’t make him feel a kind of toy.

He is amusing

It’s not quite the thing to press him for jokes, but if he cracked one, it’s a sure sign for you to laugh long and loudly as if there was no tomorrow. Show him you dig his humor and think he is fun to be with. Also, there is something very endearing in the laughter of a woman who is amused.

You are close with your parents

Well, if you aren’t that close with your family, there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, yet this warmth in the girl’s voice when she speaks about her understanding parents adds a lot to her charm.

You spent a wonderful weekend

Mentioning your eventful and delightful weekend you will hint at your full social life with lots of friends, so your new date is an additional pleasure rather than the only pebble on the beach. Sound like you were enjoying your life but do not put it on too thick so he might think you don’t really need him in your life.

To be continued

Whatever it is you are doing on your first date, tell him you will be willing for another bit of the same (or an alternative idea) to show that you had fun with him and mean to go on dating. Suggest your eatery or your favorite place to go; if you had a simple sit-in at the bar with a couple of drinks, say that you would be in the mood for another drink some day soon.

This hobby, movie or band is really the best!

Rave a little over what he is fond of, saying that you’re into it too; mind that you may be in for at least half an hour of a discussion of the hobby/movie in which you are supposed to take an enthusiastic part.

Why not go there?

You can be quite non-committal about visiting a club/theatre/jazz joint you are currently talking about, yet it’s generally a good idea to suggest it for some future date thus indicating that you want your dates to continue – of course, given that you are satisfied with the current state of things.

Throw in a little boasting

You can produce a stronger impression if you show that you are skilled and well-versed in something (the more so if this something is abstruse). Let him understand that you are slightly a cut above the rest.

Shall we split the bill?

A guy may be very definite on his paying for the evening, especially since it’s your first date. Nevertheless, he will appreciate your offer, or you may insist on it later.

Tell him it was great fun

As you are approaching your place, it can be a good moment to take the lead and give him some clues about your idea of your further relationship. Tell him you enjoyed yourself, and if you feel like it, build up to a kiss before you part. He may be indecisive, why not betray your feelings?

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