7 Neck & Chest Skin Care Tips for Looking Younger

A woman’s true age can be seen in her eyes. But her neck reveals the aging secret even more ruthlessly. The sad fact is that neck and chest skin is subject to age changes much faster than the face and even hands. Would you like everyone who sees your passport to be amazed? Would you like them to think their eyes have failed them? Then start to take care of the neck skin today and start with these tips of cosmetologists.

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15 Secrets Every Wife Has

When, as the evening is drawing nearer, you get back home, your eyes recognize it as your house on the street, but it is your heart that tells you it’s your home where you long to be and where you feel reposed. You shut the door on the outer world and know that your heart is in the right place. Sometimes it is you who makes it this way, but more often – and more efficaciously – your beloved woman impregnates the rooms with the essence of that divine homely feeling. There are some who believe that you cannot have a real home without a woman’s touch, and probably it is true. Continue reading 15 Secrets Every Wife Has