7 Neck & Chest Skin Care Tips for Looking Younger

A woman’s true age can be seen in her eyes. But her neck reveals the aging secret even more ruthlessly. The sad fact is that neck and chest skin is subject to age changes much faster than the face and even hands. Would you like everyone who sees your passport to be amazed? Would you like them to think their eyes have failed them? Then start to take care of the neck skin today and start with these tips of cosmetologists.

Neck and chest skin needs care as much as the skin of the face does. But we are always forgetting about this for some reason. Do you want to look younger and fitter? From today on, you need to include these simple innovations in your skin care.

1. Start the day with an ice cube

Yes, save an ice cube for this tender area. This is the simplest and most accessible way to slightly tighten the skin and even change its color. It happens due to the quality narrowing of the skin pores. Besides, it invigorates better than the morning coffee!

2. Cleanse the skin

Not only from sweat and dirt (a usual shower gel will do this job for you), but also from keratinized cells. After all, they often slow down the regeneration processes that are vital for maintaining the skin tone. So develop the habit of daily cleansing the delicate area with a soft scrub or a moderately stiff face brush. The skin will be soft, like that of a baby, and you will be surprised at the sensation.

3. Get a “special” cream

Your face cream can completely satisfy you, but cosmetologists note that since neck and chest skin is much more vulnerable and aging faster, it needs cosmetic products with a slightly stronger composition. Go to the chemist’s and ask for the cream specifically for this area. Although you may not even suspect that it really exists. By the way, it’s good if it contains retinol, a powerful anti-aging ingredient.

4. Peptides are welcome!

Are you looking for a more powerful anti-aging effect? Then you need serums and creams with peptides. A lot of cosmetic studies have shown positive results from their use, such as increased collagen production and tissue elasticity. Shall we try?

5. Protect yourself

In this case, you need ultraviolet protection. The sun’s rays are no friends for your neck and chest. Instead, they can provoke photoaging and even much worse things. So get in the habit of applying sunscreen to the neck and chest area before dressing (or half an hour before going out). Be sure to always do this, if these areas are not protected by clothing in summer.

6. A word about clothes

Natural fabrics are your friends, but synthetic items, as it turns out, can cause micro-irritation, violating the skin integrity. Especially if you have already followed the previous tip and bought a scrub and cream.

7. If nothing works, take … a sticky tape!

Many Instagram users have already followed this beauty lifehack. The essence of the trick is to lift some “extra” skin at the back of the neck and fix it with a sticky tape under the hair. It provides such a sensible lifting effect for so little money. But we advise treating this tip with humor without going to extremes 🙂

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