10 Beauty Trends We Wish Never Existed

Fashion is so tempting! It is changing so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up with new trends. But we try to do it, enjoying the very process of pursuing the trends. It’s funny that the image which arouses everyone’s admiration today can provoke logical questions tomorrow. One doubts if such things could once be trendy at all. The same is true about the trends from this list.

With the development of social networks, beauty began to substitute for one another just like Hollywood starlets. But fashion had existed even before Instagram. Both then and today there appeared and keep appearing trends, which may seem frightening. So where is the fine line between “fashionable” and “tasteless”? Try to answer this question, looking at the items in this review.

1. “Mirror” lips

Officially: the fashion for matt lipsticks goes down, giving way to the abundance of mirror gloss on the lips in the spirit of the early 2000s. However, in a combination with autumn wind and loose hair, this beauty turns into complete disgrace in a matter of minutes. Besides, kissing is terribly inconvenient.

2. Blush-blush-blush

And a little more blush. As much blush as you need to paint cheekbones, like Madonna and most sex symbols of the 1980s did. How on earth could this image be considered fashionable and beautiful? There is no answer yet. They say this “blush contouring” is going to return to the catwalks soon. We’re already scared.

3. Too much artificial tan

Especially orange tan. The “beloved” one. Advanced young ladies (and gentlemen too) may not waste time in tanning salons. Instead, they can make a series of injections of Melanotan for the sake of “safe” and “real” tan, but the effect remains the same. It is orange.

4. Perm

The bigger, the better. In any case, many people are still firmly convinced of this. It is better to keep silent about the harm that a procedure like this brings to the hair.

5. The wet (or rather dirty) hair effect

Especially, in his “newest” fashionable interpretation, borrowed from the 1990s: gel sleek hair. It’s hot in summer, but everything has its reasonable limitations…

6. Shaved/discolored eyebrows

Not so long ago, all the girls were amazed at having made a personal discovery that eyebrows do change their face! They were crazy about growing eyebrows and dreamt of lush eyebrows, like those of Cara Delevingne or young Brooke Shields. Today, the most desperate women are carefully shaving and discoloring everything they have grown with difficulty. Fashion, stop doing this to us!

7. And thin eyebrows as well

It was … unusual.

8. “Ombre” and “balayage” dyeing

Yes, this trend is several years old, but nevertheless, it drives millions of women crazy. Something tells us that it will cause nothing but an ironic smile soon, like the “chemical hair” of the 1980s. This beauty spoils hair mercilessly. Besides, there are still a lot of unskilled hairdressers.

9. Traffic light colored lips

We don’t mean classical red, but green, yellow, blue, nuclear-orange and other extravagant colors. Originality is wonderful. But green lips are doubtful.

10. Fur nails

Let’s not comment on this. We are sure that you have a good imagination to fancy them.

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