Why Make Love More Often?

Do we really need to be given scientific reasons to have sex as much as we can? As a rule, people don’t need much additional incentive to it beyond a gorgeous figure, a winsome face and a vacant bathroom at a house party. But scientists are also people, they are into sex and they keep studying it, coming up with more reasons to do it even if we can do without them (especially as the night is drawing nearer). We have been taught to heed scientific discoveries, nevertheless – let’s get their latest arguments on board so we can nod knowingly when we hear them again. It’s better to enjoy more sex because…

…it improves your mental performance

We don’t usually make love in order to make us smarter and better thinkers, but it’s nice to know we are getting cleverer as we play between-the-sheets games. Boffins at the University of Maryland and Seoul’s Konkuk University (South Korea) conducted respective research on mice and rats and arrived at the same conclusion – that rodent loving results in the decrease of stress, which means a better function of the brain. Of course mice were not asked to solve mathematic problems for an ultimate proof, still, we may rest assured that we will be able to think faster.

…it helps you to avoid running noses

A Wilkes University research on college students concentrated on their health and revealed that those who didn’t neglect their sex life had more of an antibody responsible for stifling colds. It even established a certain frequency beneficial for the human immune system: twice a week, at least not less than once. That much is enough to keep you strengthened against the coming cold.

…it is conducive to your being promoted at work

Scientific chaps at Oregon State University proved to be more interested in work than in health; they rounded up 159 employees, the majority of which said they felt much better in the morning after a hot night with the partner. They showed a higher level of performance and satisfaction. If you keep pleasing your boss in this fashion on a regular basis you may expect reciprocal gestures from him – go and ask for a pay rise or for a leave.

…it alleviates onsets of cramps even if they grab you so badly you feel debilitated

Hot water bottles are all right, cats can help too, but what if your partner fails you for the bedroom session tonight? A survey conducted in 2000 and embracing almost 2000 women reported masturbation as an effective attempt to fight menstrual cramps with 9% of those involved. What could be faster, cheaper and pleasanter?

…it has a great anti-aging effect

Going shopping for anti-aging creams and serums? Save your money and go for a long frolic in bed instead. (Well, maybe you will want to purchase retinols after all, they will come in fine.) Such is the advice from David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist from Scotland. His study of 3,500 men and women from Europe and the United States separated into groups led to an exciting conclusion that those who had sex two or more times per week had an appearance that misled judges greatly: when asked to guess at their age, they made mistakes believing them to be younger by something like 7 or even 12 years! Combine that with a vitamin-A regimen, and there will be no-one who could ever tell how old you are. Only the bouncers will keep carding you, what a nuisance!

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