How to Get Fuller Lips without Injections?

A trip in the subway of any major city can be puzzling: is there some kind of epidemic? Is the planet attacked by wild bees? Otherwise, why do many young ladies have full lips? The answer is simple: injections. In the pursuit of the recent trend, more women have decided on fillers to look “fashionably beautiful”. If you feel ill at ease when thinking about Jolie’s and other famous beauties’ full lips, do not rush to have injections. You can augment your lips quite safely and even without leaving home. These little tricks will help you.

To make your lips fuller, more smooth and seductive:

1. Use a scrub

Yes, not only your face, but your lips as well need regular cleaning and exfoliation! The scrub will make your lips softer and smoother and will also increase the flow of blood to them. The lips will then become bright and slightly puffy. You do not need to spend money on cute jars in cosmetics stores: just mix a tablespoon of honey (when it becomes a bit denser), sugar and coconut milk. Massage the lips for 2-3 minutes and rinse them thoroughly with water.

2. Get them cleaned with a toothbrush

This simple method will relieve dry skin and improve blood circulation. Any lipstick will be applied a dozen times better.

3. Highlight your lips with a concealer

Thus, you will make them visually fuller, and at the same time “mark the space” for a contour pencil.

4. Try makeup with a gradient effect

The point is to fill the lip contour and their outer part with a darker shade and then apply a lighter harmonious color in the middle. Be sure to shade the borders with a brush. Due to the interplay of light and shadow, the effect of more voluminous lips will be obtained. Those who are not particularly strong in applying makeup have another simple option – ready-made two-color lipsticks, which are produced by some popular brands.

5. Run the risk with cinnamon

Cinnamon as spice and (especially!) as an essential oil enhances blood circulation. So the effect of temporary lip augmentation can be obtained, if you prepare this scrub: mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, a tablespoon of sugar and a couple drops of cinnamon oil. Gently massage your lips and rinse the mask with warm water. The effect is noticeable instantly. Before the procedure, be sure to take a sensitivity test because for some people any contact of essential oils and the skin is contraindicated.

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6. Draw a new contour

“Overcontouring” is a wildly popular technique in makeup that excuses any excessive use of a contour pencil. The point is to circle the contour just above the natural edges of your lips. The main rule is that the pencil and lipstick should be close in shade. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid the Pamela Anderson in the 1990’s effect. You surely don’t need it.

7. Avoid dark lipsticks

They look fashionable, but they relentlessly reduce the lip size. Alternatively, use dark lipstick paired with a suitable pencil and the “overcontouring” technique described in the previous point.

8. Highlighter will help your pils look fuller

Armed with a thin brush and a highlighter (preferably, a liquid one), you need to contour the bend of the upper lip and the groove above it. Light will attract attention to this area and visually make it larger and plumper. This is an optical illusion that really works.

9. Enjoy using the lip gloss

A good lip gloss can be used to emphasize only the center of the upper lip and the center of the lower lip. This can already provide you with a “wow effect”. Avoid glittering particles as they are not suitable for this purpose.

10. Try the tint

This is the secret of tender and childishly full lips of the characters of Korean soap operas. Tint is a persistent cosmetic pigment. If you apply it only to the area where the lips join each other and slightly shade the boundary, you can get the gradient effect of full lips. Besides, this makeup is more resistant than any lipstick.

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