Makeup Tips for Blondes

Being a blonde is very nice, but it implies certain complications. In general, it seems that all the big makeup trends are designed for brunettes, similar to the huge Kardashian family. Many beauties with pale skin and blond hair complain that it is almost impossible to select everyday makeup without looking like a Russian matryoshka puppet. Makeup artists convince: this mission is quite possible. The main thing is to follow these basic tips. Continue reading Makeup Tips for Blondes

5 Ways Not to Give a Guy Your Number

As a rule, the situation when someone asks your phone number and you do not want to give it is pretty awkward. On the one hand, not every one of us knows how to refuse resolutely. On the other hand, we need to perform some emotional work not to offend the person and not to inflict trouble onto ourselves. Anyway, we have the right to refuse, if we do not want to do it. It’s not rude to do so, and it does not mean being reserved – you are the person who decides whom to communicate with. Continue reading 5 Ways Not to Give a Guy Your Number

Why Do You Attract Toxic Guys?

You’re the perfect partner: you don’t get on the man’s nerves more than he can bear, you are an excellent giveaway player, you are a yes-woman in bed, you are comfortable to live with and interesting to talk to. Yet, another relationship ends in failure because the guy you thought was fantastic suddenly ends up a complete bastard. There are reasons why good and smart girls attract toxic guys, and it’s time you got to know them. Continue reading Why Do You Attract Toxic Guys?