Why Do You Attract Toxic Guys?

You’re the perfect partner: you don’t get on the man’s nerves more than he can bear, you are an excellent giveaway player, you are a yes-woman in bed, you are comfortable to live with and interesting to talk to. Yet, another relationship ends in failure because the guy you thought was fantastic suddenly ends up a complete bastard. There are reasons why good and smart girls attract toxic guys, and it’s time you got to know them.

1. You take what comes instead of looking for the right variant

It’s not that you are hungry and date the first person you meet, but the guy does not really need to make an effort to win your heart. Two arms, two legs (as simple as that), and the desire to remain in your life – everything else will be added by your imagination that is seeking romance.

You are mature enough, you are a developed personality to get along well with almost any man, and this is a problem. You downsize your demands for the sake of another moron’s attention and good attitude. A big mistake! In the end, you are disappointed and unable to realize how you could have got into this trouble!

2. You’re too sweet

It’s great to be able to understand him and to feel that you are unlike those unhappy hysterical women. His friends admire the way you welcome him back home with a sweet smile after another booze. He cannot take you home after work because he drives his friend to a grocery store? Okay! Should you buy something for dinner on the way home? No problem! Will you pick up and arrange all his things scattered around the house? With pleasure! You must put an end to this generosity. Don’t you notice that you are being used and not appreciated? Your sympathy prevents you from noticing that you are tolerating a totally inhuman treatment.

3. You believe that sex alone can result in something more meaningful

Lack of a relationship is not a reason to deprive yourself of sex, so, as an intelligent woman, you do not see anything wrong in small intrigues. Sex without obligations is good, beautiful, gorgeous, but only as long as you are both on the same page: “No one owes anything to anyone.” If you fall in love and cherish the hope that your connection will grow into something bigger, forget it. You’re just a beautiful body for a toxic guy, who wants to have a great night.

4. You are trying too hard

There is nothing wrong in trying to build a relationship, but only if this desire is mutual. You’re doing the job for both of you repeating that it’s not difficult, and then you suffer and are indignant because he takes everything for granted. When you love, it is much more pleasant to give than to receive, but make sure that the guy is a worthy one.

5. Sometimes you feel that you are not worthy of love

Most often you realize that you are quite good, smart, and interesting. Men like you. But sometimes paranoid thoughts creep into your head, and you think you are not worthy of love. Past failures pull you back into a swamp of doubt, at the bottom of which you will find low self-esteem, marriage with a vagabond and shabby jogging pants for home. You know that you really do not deserve this, so do not let defeatist attitudes prevail.

6. You attract the same type of guys

If you have ever thought about the fact that all men are the same, it’s time to change your own behavior patterns. Most likely, you begin to feel that this guy looks like a bastard, but you are drawn to him – to get a new portion of emotions. Until you realize that it’s time to raise the standards and possibly start a relationship with a boring, but good and reliable man, neither motivational books, nor a psychologist, nor even our articles will help you.

Do not deceive yourself any longer. Do not start a relationship that is doomed from the very beginning. Miracles will not happen now or later. The earlier you start looking for a partner outside of your type, the sooner you will come across someone worthy enough.

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