5 Ways Not to Give a Guy Your Number

As a rule, the situation when someone asks your phone number and you do not want to give it is pretty awkward. On the one hand, not every one of us knows how to refuse resolutely. On the other hand, we need to perform some emotional work not to offend the person and not to inflict trouble onto ourselves. Anyway, we have the right to refuse, if we do not want to do it. It’s not rude to do so, and it does not mean being reserved – you are the person who decides whom to communicate with.

You understand that the other person’s obsession may be related to the field of violence rather than to fighting for his own happiness. You can use one of the simple strategies when talking with the man, who asks for your phone number or Facebook id, whereas you do not intend to communicate.

1. A straightforward rejection

Thanks, I’m not interested.

You know, everything is simple: a straightforward answer is usually the best one. Most people in the world appreciate it. It is short and crystal clear. If you are in a situation where you can simply refuse – do it without any remorse. Why bother and pretend being interested, if you are not? Do not refer to a non-existent guy or the fact that you are supposedly a lesbian. Do not justify yourself for the lack of interest in this person.

2. Say it’s not the right time now

Thank you, it’s very nice of you, but, in fact, I don’t have time to communicate, so I have to say no.

The reason why this answer is good is that it is not a direct refusal. The situation looks as though the guy is not guilty, but the whole point is in you. It’s not a lie since you really have a lot to do instead of dating… him. But do not talk about it.

3. Offer an alternative

You know, I do not tell anyone my number, but I can write down yours.

The answer with a shade of refusal makes the situation a little more secure. It does not sound as a resolute “no”, but you still protect your privacy. Of course, you will not make the phone call. Do not give specific dates, otherwise you may suddenly feel the need to keep the promise. However, an embarrassing situation can happen: you will encounter again, and he will certainly ask why you haven’t called back.

4. Beware of strangers

Sorry, but I do not give my number to the people I’ve just met. I had a bad experience in the past.

Unfortunately, this may be the truth. You could have been in a situation where you gave your phone number just to get rid of the person and then regretted the fact, trying to create a black list on your phone. In addition, people now understand the concept of communicating with strangers, so in an era of general mistrust your position will not seem surprising.

5. A normal tone

Strangely enough, sometimes it is enough to just have a normal and unremarkable tone not to offend anyone. A sweet, well-mannered voice – who are you trying to deceive? People will hear your false attitude and will think that there is another implication: maybe, you have liked him, but you’re just shy?

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