Makeup Tips for Blondes

Being a blonde is very nice, but it implies certain complications. In general, it seems that all the big makeup trends are designed for brunettes, similar to the huge Kardashian family. Many beauties with pale skin and blond hair complain that it is almost impossible to select everyday makeup without looking like a Russian matryoshka puppet. Makeup artists convince: this mission is quite possible. The main thing is to follow these basic tips.

To emphasize the milky pallor of the skin and its tender color, try:

1. Colored shadows

Do not be afraid. Hush the imagination, which has already pictured a saleswoman from the grocery store of the late 1990-s. Professional makeup artists strongly recommend blondes with light skin to try makeup with colored pastel shadows, ranging from mint to bold hue and the fashionable pink tone. A little color will refresh your face. The main thing is to choose light translucent textures and not to forget about a pencil or eyeliner, otherwise, you will get the effect of “tear-stained” eyes.

2. Lipsticks with a light purple semitone

Berry-colored lips are always in fashion and emphasize the light skin to advantage. Moreover, the choice is wide: from gentle shades in the spirit of “your lips can be better” to the deep wine color. So you can easily find your favorite lipstick for both daytime makeup and evening events.

3. Classic red and delicate pink

Lipsticks of these shades are worthy of permanently staying in your cosmetic bag. The “Hollywood red” color is an absolute must-buy! It will add more freshness to a tired person’s face, visually make the teeth and whites of the eyes a little whiter and just help to realize the fact that there is a special day ahead of us.

4. Gray and silvery shadows

They will help to make sensual smokey eyes and will quickly make your daytime makeup a little spicier. There will be a nice color combination with the bright eyes and hair.

5. A blush of tender pink or peach hue

Even if you do not use it every day, this blush is worth buying due to the amazing ability to revive a person who clearly has not had enough sleep tonight. However, it is not recommended to choose terracotta and orange bronzers.

No-Go Makeup for Women with Blonde Hair

Some things in the makeup of blondes should be avoided. For example:

1. Deep black

Yes, the dramatic lines of charcoal color can be quite attractive. But certainly, do not compliment them with black shadows. In contrast to the milk color of skin, there is a risk of looking like a panda instead of being dramatic and seductive. You also do not need the Taylor Momsen effect!

2. Too pale “nude” lipsticks

Yes, they look so enjoyable on the Internet. But in real life, the whitish “nude” draws out all the remnants of color from the pale face. Do you want to look tender? Choose pastel pink or peach lipstick. “Nude” colors of the skin should be left to Kardashian.

3. Gold and bronze shadows

Here you need to be cautious: depending on the color, gold and bronze colors suit the face of some blondes. Especially, if their skin and hair have a pronounced “golden” hue. But pale milky blondes should better choose silver as a more reliable option.

4. Purple and violet shadows

This is not a rule, it’s just a recommendation. Just because many shades of purple can give the effect of “tear-stained” eyes.

5. You need be very careful when choosing a bronzer

Try all the shades available in the store not only on your hand but also on the face. Most brown powders and contour sticks can acquire a brick or red color on the pale skin. It will surely fail to brighten up your appearance.

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