20 Bad Habits Killing Your Relationship

If you have a fight within the family or relationship problems with your boyfriend, you may be the one to blame. In particular, your bad habits. And we are not talking about smoking, but the habits killing your relationship. So, here goes a list of these bad habits you should give up.

  1. Keeping everything to yourself and not talking about what you are annoyed/exasperated at or hate in your partner’s behavior/appearance.
  2. Not keeping anything to yourself and constantly rattling about what annoys you, enrages, or exasperates in the partner’s behavior/appearance.
  3. Reducing any conversation to giving tips and valuable suggestions when you sometimes should be silently listening, nodding, and stroking the man’s head.
  4. Checking the contents of messages, e-mails and the partner’s pockets, thereby adding fuel to the fire of your own paranoia.
  5. Not even attempting to get along with his/her friends and relatives.
  6. Taking pains to please his every friend and relative.
  7. Reluctant sex.
  8. Using the phrase “Oh, that’s how it goes! Then maybe we should split?” when fighting.
  9. Go to bed without making peace.
  10. Not making any plans.
  11. Not putting effort to put these plans into practice.
  12. Not informing the exes that now you are in a relationship, and their calls after midnight will be regarded as an attack on it.
  13. Boycotting February 14 and other holidays for their vulgarity and triviality, without suggesting your own holidays instead.
  14. Giving each other certificates or money instead of gifts.
  15. Ultimatums. Especially when it comes to bad habits, which appeared in the partner’s life before you.
  16. Wearing shameful old and worn-out clothes at home.
  17. Leaving the TV on during serious conversations.
  18. Using the bedroom as battlefield.
  19. Recalling past offences and mistakes – even as a joke – especially in the presence of strangers.
  20. Answering “no” without listening to the end.

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