7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Last

Now you are happily married, you want it to last forever and ever, at the same pitch of joy and shared the delight. You don’t even want to consider divorce – then these tips are for you because they deal with how to stay married all your life.

Have sex constantly

That is what you want to do if you got married, right? You don’t want anything of a platonic nature in your relationship. So the first thing is to have sex as often as you can. If there are reasons why you can’t have a lot of sex, tell your spouse that you enjoy having it every time you get round to it, and you always look forward to when you could have another passionate session together.

Tame your ego

Many people like to believe they are hardly ever wrong. While they live alone it may not matter much, but as soon as they get married, they’ll have to start thinking in terms of “we.” Remembering how many quarrels are caused by egos wishing to assert themselves, make a point of getting used to we-thinking. Once you two begin to play power games, you will be on the road to separating your ways.

Don’t assume things

We do this way too often – put two and two together. Sometimes we get four, but it may easily be a five or a dozen! Mind that you understand exactly what your spouse meant when they said this or that. In case of doubts ask to repeat or to expound. It would be a pity if we got angry or dejected because of something that hasn’t happened. If you accuse your partner of things which were not real, they will surely feel indignant. Trust between you will be weakening.

More compliments, less criticism

Relentless picking at each other leads to negative thinking and holes in people’s self-confidence. On the other hands, people are not always comfortable with compliments, both saying and hearing. But it’s really a good habit to compliment your partner on a regular basis. Even if it may feel a little odd at the beginning, it will become a solid foundation of a long-term relationship in which both spouses know they are appreciated and respected.

Quality time for just you two

Living together doesn’t actually mean you spend quality time that makes for a strong bond. You should actually go on dates like you did before, create a romantic atmosphere, break out of your routine for a breather. Have you been to your favorite restaurant lately? Make an event of going out to a theatre to see a movie. You will see that your attitude towards each other, your mood and your conversation will become different and the problems that were worrying you will disappear.

Kissing when you go and when you meet

Your relationship, commitment, and affection are realized in hugs and kisses. The more often you hug and kiss, the stronger your affection grows. So when you leave home in the morning, make it a habit to hug and kiss your partner, and do the same when you come back. However trivial it might seem, it is a wonderful way to keep the fire burning. It will act as a nice reminder during your working day, too.

More open-hearted talk

Most of us are not good at open conversations – in fact, one has to be a bit brave to open up when it is time for that. Nevertheless, it is also a good habit to cultivate a relationship. The more often you talk openly with your beloved spouse, the better you will understand the benefit of candor. You realize the importance of your partner knowing what you really think and feel, what your wishes and hopes are.

Constant dialogues should be your regular exchange. Telling facts, don’t forget to add your feelings and attitudes. It is the more important if you work different schedules and have little time to communicate face to face. Having made it a feature of your relationship, you ensure its durability – and the pleasure of your partner knowing you well.

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