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10 Tips for Oily Face Skin

There is nothing perfect in the world. Well, most women think so. Finding fault with something is natural. If you are unsatisfied with your body, you can stick to a diet, go to the gym or buy a new dress. But what should you do with the skin, especially if it is problematic? The answer is obvious: proper care. After all, problems need to be solved. The following tips will help to deal even with very oily skin. Continue reading 10 Tips for Oily Face Skin

Beauty Bloggers Share an Anti-Acne Mask Recipe

Who does not want to have a beautiful, perfect skin? However, there are often a number of obstructions between the dreams and the harsh reality that glances at you from the mirror every morning. For example, unattractive rash and acne spots. Concealing them with powder or foundation is effective, but not very useful. It is better to treat your skin with a useful mask made of natural ingredients that gently eliminate imperfections. It is many bloggers’ secret weapon! Continue reading Beauty Bloggers Share an Anti-Acne Mask Recipe