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5 Ways to Deal with a Faulty Crush

When a crush descends on you all of a sudden, you feel like you’ve finally learned to fly! You seem to see the person who gave you this butterfly feeling everywhere, and your heart skips a beat when you think you have caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. And the storm inside when you find they have liked your new photo on Instagram! Yet you are well aware that what feels so great can also make you unbearably miserable. If you haven’t won the person you have a crush on yet, the only thought of them meeting someone else, talking and laughing together with another person, can turn your innards upside down. And where’s the answer to your latest text? You begin to check your phone compulsorily every five minutes. The heart is never in the right place, something is always gnawing at it. And tears are hovering somewhere very close to the eyes. Continue reading 5 Ways to Deal with a Faulty Crush

How to Help a Depressed Partner

When one partner hit a black streak or experienced a trauma that drove him or her into a state of depression, it will certainly tell on the other partner. To begin with, their life together becomes riddled with negativity, unhappiness and excessive criticism; meanwhile, the suffering partner steadfastly refused to believe he or she has an issue that ought to be addressed. Continue reading How to Help a Depressed Partner

15 Female Incentives to Distort the Truth

We know that we can’t really shake off lying; every day there crops up a situation where a little falsehood saves us a lot of tedious explaining. Often lying serves to make us polite, allowing us to squeeze out of uncomfortable situations and shedding offers that we are not interested in. There are people who like to get all over us, and lying helps get rid of the worst of importunity. Finally, there are funny little lies we tell to conceal our misbehaviors; and though we know that other people usually see through them, we keep telling them. Here’s a list of some of the lies we indulge in.

Continue reading 15 Female Incentives to Distort the Truth