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Having an Open Relationship: For & Against

Open relationships exist because there are enough people who regard it as the best way for them to live together. Then again, others are inclined to take a rather dim view of that. On one hand, it is a clear-cut way of going steady without committing oneself; on the other, this variant implies strata of emotions that are generally absent from married life and some of which are definitely not so pleasant. Continue reading Having an Open Relationship: For & Against

How to Get Fuller Lips without Injections?

A trip in the subway of any major city can be puzzling: is there some kind of epidemic? Is the planet attacked by wild bees? Otherwise, why do many young ladies have full lips? The answer is simple: injections. In the pursuit of the recent trend, more women have decided on fillers to look “fashionably beautiful”. If you feel ill at ease when thinking about Jolie’s and other famous beauties’ full lips, do not rush to have injections. You can augment your lips quite safely and even without leaving home. These little tricks will help you. Continue reading How to Get Fuller Lips without Injections?

Incontinence During Pregnancy and What are the Best Options for Treatment

Many women have varied health experiences during pregnancy, from morning sickness to the frequent need to head to the bathroom. Pregnancy incontinence, or leaking urine during pregnancy, is more common than most recognise, affecting nearly 55% of women who are expecting. Incontinence during pregnancy is simply the involuntary loss of urine, but the medical issue can range from mild to severe depending on the type of incontinence diagnosed. Before understanding the strategies for treating pregnancy incontinence, it is helpful for women to know how leaking urine comes about and the risk factors associated with the common condition. Continue reading Incontinence During Pregnancy and What are the Best Options for Treatment

8 Best Ever Hairstyles of the Season That Will Make You Hot

The image of a modern girl will never be perceived without a haircut and styling. In order to look great, clothes and accessories are not enough. It is very important to look harmonious, and the hairstyle is crucial in this matter. After all, no matter how beautifully the girl is dressed, the absence of a fashionable haircut and styling may completely spoil the entire image. Although it’s already midsummer, that does not mean that it’s too late to change the hairstyle. Our review presents the most topical haircuts of this season, which instantly turn an ordinary girl into the most spectacular beauty. Continue reading 8 Best Ever Hairstyles of the Season That Will Make You Hot

Why Make Love More Often?

Do we really need to be given scientific reasons to have sex as much as we can? As a rule, people don’t need much additional incentive to it beyond a gorgeous figure, a winsome face and a vacant bathroom at a house party. But scientists are also people, they are into sex and they keep studying it, coming up with more reasons to do it even if we can do without them (especially as the night is drawing nearer). We have been taught to heed scientific discoveries, nevertheless – let’s get their latest arguments on board so we can nod knowingly when we hear them again. It’s better to enjoy more sex because… Continue reading Why Make Love More Often?

Awesome Tips for a Romantic Date in the Fall

The heat is subsiding, soon there will be a sting in the air, and for some time outdoor entertainments will become a universally appreciated pastime after it was too hot and before it will be too cold. Wherever your preferences may lie, you are sure to find a great way to spend quality time together this fall – especially if you consider all the possibilities there are first. Continue reading Awesome Tips for a Romantic Date in the Fall