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Hair Building Fibers Are Great for Hair Loss

What do you notice first when meeting a new person? Clothing, color of eyes, tidy nails? Scientists say that it is hair. It occupies a relatively large area of the body and influences the perception of our appearance greatly. In particular, it affects our attractiveness. It is not surprising that natural hair loss becomes a serious trial for many men, even if they look at the cool pictures of Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis with envy. Continue reading Hair Building Fibers Are Great for Hair Loss

Top 10 Foods for Growing Long Healthy Hair

Humanity has seen all the canons of beauty throughout its history. Almost every decade puts forward its own demands to women’s (and men’s) appearance. And hairstyle in particular. Short boyish haircuts, daring “bob” and crazy curls in the disco style used to be fashionable. But long and healthy hair has always remained a symbol of female attractiveness. Even today some religions appeal to women to hide their hair not to provoke men’s sinful thoughts. But it’s not about them. It is about the fact that luxurious hair starts with proper nutrition. Are you planning to grow long thick hair? Be patient and get the products from this list. Continue reading Top 10 Foods for Growing Long Healthy Hair

7 Reasons to Wash Your Hair the Classic Way

The fashion for dry shampoos and second-day hairstyling makes the girls wonder: how often should we wash our hair? This question is especially important for the owners of greasy hair – in winter, their hair looks stale under the hat on the second day. The experts are unanimous answering the question “to wash or not to wash?” They insist that frequent cleaning is useful for our hair and scalp. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Wash Your Hair the Classic Way

8 Myths & Truths about Hair Care

All of us are victims of advertising to some extent. You can agree that despite the useful habit of thinking critically about everything, it is sometimes so tempting to believe in beautiful promises and buy another meaningless item. This is especially true when it concerns health and beauty products – the basic area of marketing. Well, it is difficult not to buy a shampoo that promises to make your hair 85% stronger or reduce hair loss by 66%! In order not to be hooked by enticing slogans and not to waste your money, do not forget about the popular hair care myths. After all, a lot of advertising campaigns are built around these myths. Continue reading 8 Myths & Truths about Hair Care