8 Bad Reasons to Get Married

A short time after starting a relationship, most women can already articulate for themselves if they find their new boyfriend good enough, and whether they are ready to connect their life with him. Still, women are often guided by doubtful “selection criteria” when thinking about their future spouse. Womendialogue.com has decided to compile a list of 8 reasons why you must not get married with your boyfriend. Continue reading 8 Bad Reasons to Get Married

10 Female Beauty Tricks Men Secretly Hate

Many women want to know what men like because it is the only way to bedazzle them using the right weapon. You can find many articles on this topic in the Internet, but what about men’s dislikes? It is not enough to know what men like, it is important to know what repels them! Though it may not be true for all men, but still you need to know the 10 things that most of them consider unattractive. Continue reading 10 Female Beauty Tricks Men Secretly Hate

7 Reasons to Wash Your Hair the Classic Way

The fashion for dry shampoos and second-day hairstyling makes the girls wonder: how often should we wash our hair? This question is especially important for the owners of greasy hair – in winter, their hair looks stale under the hat on the second day. The experts are unanimous answering the question “to wash or not to wash?” They insist that frequent cleaning is useful for our hair and scalp. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Wash Your Hair the Classic Way

6 Best Beauty Tricks for Busy Women

Deadlines, time pressure, and force majeure are our eternal companions in life, interfering with our intention to recover fresh appearance in the morning. You need not tell anyone that you have suffered another sleepless night – your eyes will tell this. To avoid such a treacherous betrayal, we suggest practicing a few proven beauty techniques. Continue reading 6 Best Beauty Tricks for Busy Women

Cosmetics Products Must-Haves for the Gym

It’s no secret that a gym is a place where your body works hard and is really tested for durability. After an intensive training, your beauty needs special recovery. So, we’ve compiled a list of must-have beauty products that will be useful throughout the training and till the very moment you leave the gym. Indeed, the body will be grateful for using these products. Continue reading Cosmetics Products Must-Haves for the Gym

10 Steps to a Successful Marriage or Relationship

Probably right now is not the best time for weddings, as the season turns, Halloween thundered by, apple picking gets more news, the weather is still considering just how severe the coming winter ought to be, other distractions crowding. And yet there are certainly devoted people who don’t mind whether the season is conducive or not, they take the leap, fall in love and head straight for a wedding! Are they impatient to be happy or do they mean to keep each other warm in the cold months – and forever? Anyway, there is no wrong season to remind oneself of the ways to keep things romantic, open and otherwise healthy between you and the love of your life. So, here are some psychologically honed pieces of advice. Continue reading 10 Steps to a Successful Marriage or Relationship

8 Myths & Truths about Hair Care

All of us are victims of advertising to some extent. You can agree that despite the useful habit of thinking critically about everything, it is sometimes so tempting to believe in beautiful promises and buy another meaningless item. This is especially true when it concerns health and beauty products – the basic area of marketing. Well, it is difficult not to buy a shampoo that promises to make your hair 85% stronger or reduce hair loss by 66%! In order not to be hooked by enticing slogans and not to waste your money, do not forget about the popular hair care myths. After all, a lot of advertising campaigns are built around these myths. Continue reading 8 Myths & Truths about Hair Care

15 Fun Date Ideas for Cold Weather

As the weather begins to rage, people begin to crave home in the evening more. This is a wonderful time for stick-at-homes, who crave for nothing better than a cozy sofa and a flicking screen with drinks and snacks at their elbows. But if you are drawn outdoors in spite of cold and snow, you will also find fun things to do with your current girlfriend/boyfriend. Consider all possibilities – and look up those that didn’t occur to you. These hints, from the mildest to the most extreme, can help you get by until spring. Continue reading 15 Fun Date Ideas for Cold Weather

45 Tips on What to Do on a Second Date

You have gone through the vagaries of the first date with flying colors; after you delighted in your first victory, there looms another difficulty ahead of you – the problem of the following date. Now you can just make it a good restaurant, playing a safe game – but you could do it in a lot more creative style! Continue reading 45 Tips on What to Do on a Second Date