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How to Look Like an IT Girl

The popularity of glossy magazines and fashion-blogs contributed to the fact that the expression “to look like an IT Girl” has firmly entered the everyday vocabulary of millions of girls. What stands behind this magic formula? A price tag with a four- or five-digit sum of money on the clothing, “luxe” cosmetics or something else? Maybe, it’s not about the money? We have also tried to understand the terminology and offer you 10 tips on how to look stylish, based on the opinions of professional stylists and image-makers. Continue reading How to Look Like an IT Girl

8 Simple Tips to Make a Guy Fall for You

While people go on discovering and designing masses of things that make their lives more comfortable and altogether brighter, love remains the precarious mystery it has always been. We have much more facilities and amenities than ever, people have more money than, say, a century ago – but nothing about love has become easier, or, at least, more understandable. Such notions as respect, trust, faith remain as unfathomable as ever. Continue reading 8 Simple Tips to Make a Guy Fall for You