Coolest Things about Being in a Relationship

You are spared the awkwardness of a first-time sex. Probably your current boyfriend isn’t the best thing that happened in your bedroom, yet you have achieved smoothness and assurance that comes with habit, and you are guaranteed there won’t be any embarrassment out of the blue.

  • As he fails to reply to your text promptly, you don’t have to blow your top worrying and thinking if he is playing ghosts. You know that he must be busy and he is sure to text you back as soon as he is free. This assurance is a really warm feeling!
  • There is someone who can lend a hand with the zipping-up of your dress. It’s so sorely aggravating, always having to twist your arm around to accomplish the necessary feat. But now you have a strong hand you can rely on to make your dressing easier and altogether nicer.
  • When you are in an eatery and you found that you have ordered a huge meal, you have somebody to split it with – because how could you have done it, it’s impossible for a single person to eat up all this food you ordered, no-one’s stomach can hold so much! Let him take some off your hands.
  • Then, you can order a big meal. All right if he doesn’t quite feel like eating much, well, the truth is you are hungry. And if you were alone you probably wouldn’t have the guts to call for sooo much…
  • You don’t have to arrange those Tinder dates for which you turn up wearing your most uncomfortable shoes. A string of disappointments is broken off, so are the after-hours bar get-togethers after which you need to cope with unwelcome hangovers. So many inconveniences are absent from your life!


  • Now you can afford to do what you want to do without thinking whether it could appear embarrassing – or even downright freaky. He won’t blink an eyelid, and he is ready to cover up for you if you really hit the wrong note.
  • You have got a fine partner to take you through boring family dinners. While there is too-familiar conversation going on around, you can give him winks, rubs against his shin and play all the nice little games that help to while away the time and ease off the little family embarrassments.
  • You can go to double dates – which means you can safely collect data on your boyfriend’s friends to see just how good they are, and then check them with your boyfriend so your pool of knowledge gets larger and larger. You don’t mind knowing everything about them, that adds fun to your everyday life.
  • You have an admirer of your selfies at hand, and you don’t hang on the number of likes like you did when you posted your selfies before.


  • Your head feels lighter in a good way. It seems that until you ran into your current boyfriend, most of your brainpower was focused on on finding your important other. Even if you didn’t feel it like a cumbersome thing then, you begin to feel lighter all of a sudden now there’s two of you.
  • Valentine’s Day holds no more horrors for you. It doesn’t matter if he is able to turn the day into an unforgettable fairy tale for you, or you two just do the things you both like and enjoy pleasant time together – the VD sour has turned to sweet.
  • You are free from online dating chore, and you can use this time for things that make you feel good. A burden is off your mind and your time, and you can get round to something you have always meant to take up – or merely kill the spare time if that’s what you like to do best!
  • Matching costumes – this is a special kind of fun, if you’re into it, you will find a lot of clever ideas that can make your day, actually, as many days as you like. Why miss out on good clean entertainment that is lying near at hand? Come on!

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